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The Pisces is the zodiac sign of those born between 19th February and 20th March. You are spiritual and also have a psychic side to everything. In fact, a sea-side home is just perfect for you as your sun sign reflects two-way personality one of it is to being calm and tough according to the time. So here are the tips to stay composed and dignified by keeping Vastu tips in mind.

Vastu Tips for Overall Home décor:

A home close to the sea is best for you to enjoy life. In fact, a capacious home with big windows to welcome bright sunlight inside is suggested for you according to the Vastu Shastra. Also, the shades of sea blue and green colour are best for your home décor.

Apart from having a spacious home, you can also enhance the home décor with magnificent things like wall art, spiritual kits, books, perfumes, aromatherapy kits and stones direct from the sea.

Colour Code for Pisceans:

Strengthen hues with the shades of Aqua blue, Blue and Green colours. These colours keep the positive mood upbeated and thus decorating the corner areas with these shades is suggested to be just perfect according to the Vastu Shastra.

Balance harmony as the Pisceans are known to be impractical and little high on imagination. So, the addition of Yellow-Orange and other earthy shades will work here.

The shades of red colour will reflect in your professional life. You can make use of this colour palatte and count on more money.

Furniture for Pisceans:

According to Vastu Shastra, the intellectual home decor that will allow you to relax and get along with the family member is perfect. Opt for the sitting that makes you comfortable as the happiness of the new soul reflects as a happy personality.

Fragrance for Pisceans:

Lavender is the fragrance for this zodiac as you are an emotional person. This sweet scent helps you stay composed even during the tough times as you get depressed when the loved one(s) are in trouble.

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