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Are you worried about the child’s future? Or feel that the little one is not performing as expected even after studying for the maximum possible hours? Well, there are vastu tips to boost kids’ growth and intelligence as many parents face issues related to the non-performance of their children in different spheres. So, keep the below-mentioned vastu tips in mind to increase the performance of your kid.

  1. Study Room Location

The location of a study room differs as per the requisitions. The North-East direction is best for the kids studying at a senior secondary level. Here, the kid should face towards the east as it increases the focus and determination.

Those preparing for the professional course and entrance exams must have a study room in the North-West direction. The wards must face towards the west direction to achieve maximum success.

Also, keep the electronic items away from the study room as they release negative vibes and let the young brain lose focus.

  1. Vastu Colours for Overall Development of Kids

Energy and positive vibes are extremely important in life. Thus, the Vastu Shastra suggests use of blue and green colour in the study room. The lighting effect also plays a pivotal role here and thus includes balance lighting in the room. The hanging or placing of lights in the North-East direction of a study room is best suitable for the overall growth and development of the kids according to the Vastu Shastra.

  1. Vastu-based Placement of Study Room in Hostel and PGs

There are Vastu tips to set up a study room in the hostel and PGs. Hence, young brains need not feel disheartened.

Firstly, the make sure that the study room does not face in the Southern direction and the room is painted in the green colour. Also, remember that the ward should face towards the east or north direction while studying.

Secondly, you can rectify the room dimensions, by sleeping in the South-North or East-West direction. Vastu Shastra also suggests you keep the entrance clean.

The beam like structure is not good to have around and thus try not to have geometric shapes similar to this in the room. Vastu Shastra recommends having windows in the east direction and also advice to have sufficient lighting in the room.

The kids must also avoid sleeping or sitting under the beams.

Generic Vastu Tips for Study Room Placement:

  • North-East is the perfect direction to have a study room
  • The study table should not face towards the window directly
  • Avoid having study room directly under the beam
  • Avoid having round-shaped study table
  • Use red colour in the study-room
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