Wind chimes
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The beautiful designs of the wind chimes attract one and all. In fact, the soft and sweet music that rings in your ears every time the air cross by wind chime brings a smile on the face. But people sometimes get tangled in the wind chimes which makes them feel like to change the position of this home décor item.

But, like other antiques, the wind chimes must have some appropriate placement. Thus you must also ensure placing of wind chimes as per the Vastu Shastra to bring prosperity home.

Of course, you must have placed many different types of wind chimes at your place to increase goodluck in life. But, the hanging of this musical piece is not enough to attract positive energies. Thus, the appropriate positioning of wind chimes according to Vastu Shastra is necessary to welcome happiness at home.

  1. Wind Chime at Entry Door – 

Many people hang wind chimes in the entrance lobby or the gate which look appealing as the sweet sound of this article offers pleasing music to the ears. But, the entry gate is the place that paves the way to get inside a home. So, it is important to place a wind chime at the main entry door instead of a secondary entry door. According to Vastu Shastra, place wind chime at the entry door to restricts bad vibes from getting inside the home ambiance.

Wind Chime at Entry Door
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  1. Ceramic Wind Chimes in Living Room –

Hang wind chime in South, Centre and North-east direction of the room. Usually, these directions have windows or doors which bring in the fresh air. The hanging of wind chimes in these directions attracts good energy and maintains happy environment at home.

Ceramic Wind Chimes in Living Room
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  1. Metal Chimes in North or West Direction – 

Place the metal chimes in any of these two directions. The energies from north and west direction increase career opportunities and make a person wealthy. Thus, according to Vastu Shastra, you must hang a metal wind chime in north or west direction of your room. Also, hanging of wind chimes in these directions of your kid’s room will help them with their career and professional life.

Metal Chimes in North or West Direction
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  1. Wooden Chimes in East or South Direction –

Vastu Shastra states that the East direction brings in money and the South direction is best known for bringing in the fame. Therefore you must hang wind chimes in any of these two directions in a stylish manner. For best result, you must hang the wind chimes in the South-East direction as it will open getaway for both money and fame.

Wooden Chimes in East or South Direction
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  1. Eight or Six Hollow Rod for Goodluck – 

According to Vastu Shastra, the best way to bring home the happiness is to hang the wind chime with six or eight hollow rods. This is suitable in case you wish to maintain the current trend in life.

Eight or Six Hollow Rod for Goodluck
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On a whole, the wind chime has more to offer than soft music. Therefore, hang some beautiful looking wind chimes at your home and get ready to experience an elevation in living standard.

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