Vastu Tips
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Those born under the influence of Leo are believed to lead a royal life that is of a king or a queen and this is because Lion the King of jungle represents this zodiac. You people love to celebrate life and are better known for stability, loyalty and consistency. Here are the tips on how people with Leo sun sign can decorate their home.

Overall Home Décor:

You people wish to have a personal space no matter what happens. Thus, have a creative corner or a room dedicated to yourself where you can think and pen down some good ideas. This room should be designed horizontally as it gives a broader dimension to the thoughts. Also, the placing of a music player in the creative room is a perfect idea as the soulful and melodious sounds increase the imagination and this will push to write something immensely beautiful.

Colours for Leo Sun Sign:

  • Yellow is the most favourable colour for the people ruled by Leo zodiac. So, you must add brightness to the home décor with sunrise yellow and other shades of this blissful colour.
  • Red and Green colours will also bring happiness, prosperity and good luck in your life. So, try to add these shades of love and excellence in home interiors and make the abode a paradise to live in.

Fragrance and Home Décor:

  • Let the lavender fragrance flow throughout the home as it refreshes the mood which is quite necessary for the people ruled by Leo.
  • Wipe out the home interiors with sea salt as it removes negativity from the environment and allows you to enjoy life in positive vibes.
  • Keep the windows and door open during morning and evening as it welcomes happiness inside the abode.

Key Thing to Remember:

Keep the home clutter-free as it welcomes positivity, joy and peace at home as the cluttered place increases negativity.