Online Building Plan
Img : irsce

LDA i.e the Lucknow Development Authority is planning to go digital now and thus the authority has decided to sanction building maps online soon. The online map approval system will sanction layout plans for both the commercial and residential properties.

Prior to this, the building maps of small housing and commercial units were approved online by the Lucknow Development Authority. But now, the same procedure will be followed to approve layouts of shops, hotels, and other commercial buildings.

The State Government gave orders to all development authorities in the state to introduce an online approval system at the earliest as it will fasten the work process.

Nitin Mittal, chief town planner for LDA said that earlier the maps and layouts were sanctioned online as part of a pilot project and not on a permanent basis. But now software is being developed by the Pune-based company for implementing the same permanently.

He also said that all the development authorities in the Uttar Pradesh state will have to foallow the same system for sanctioning building plans.

Mittal further said that the layouts will be sanctioned in less than an hour if the same is confirmed by the system. However, the maps with errors will be rejected and an intimation notice will be sent to the concerned person with the anomaly.

According to the sources, the online system is likely to become operational by the month-end.

In January this year, the Lucknow Development Body decided to bring down all illegal buildings that are close to the heritage area and have unauthorized developments around Husainabad Trust.

Kaushal Raj Sharma, the District Administrator carried out an inspection of the heritage zone recently with a team after which this decision was taken. The authority also decided to stretch iron fencing around Clock Tower, Satkhanda and Picture Gallery in order to minimize the chance of trespassing and encroachment.

During the inspection, the team of district administration found that some buildings were developed near the heritage zone in the past one year.