Property Tax
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The Kolkata Civic Body is planning to simplify the Unit Area Assessment (UAA) system as the same is not getting a mixed response. The body said that we will not discard the system but will modify the same and will make the new system simpler.

The Kolkata Civic body declared this move on the closing day of the KMC budget session.

Firhad Hakim, mayor said that we have sent multiple teams across the country to learn about the implementation of UAA to collect information regarding the implementation of this system for the calculation of property tax.

He also said that the UAA system is quite popular among the taxpayers however we have to wait a bit to make the same familiar with the taxpayers here in the city of joy. Thus, we have decided to wait for some time to receive response from the residents.

According to the sources, the Mayor has directed the assessment department of the Kolkata Civic Body to perform some modification in the system while considering middle- and lower middle-class taxpayers.

The sources also informed that other than changing parameters that influence zone placing of the properties that will actually reduce tax rate, the department is also directed to simplify the self-assessment form that has to be filled by every taxpayer for declaring the owned property.

Hakim said that we have planned to make the self-assessment form simpler and at the same time we want to tell the taxpayers that the civic body has no motive to harass them and thus we will wait for their response.