Chennai Property Tax.
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KMC, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation assessment department formed a team to conduct special drives against major property tax defaulters across the city. This team was formed after the same was prompted by the directive of Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG).

In the last month, the CAG sent a letter to the civic authorities in Kolkata to submit the details and number of property tax defaulters along with their outstanding amount.

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation was also asked by the auditors about the steps taken to generate the large pending dues from the regular property tax defaulters. The Comptroller and Audit General also gave an estimated of 3,400 giant property owners listed as defaulters with an amount of nearly Rs. 4,000 crores.

The assessment department official of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation informed about sending notices to the defaulters and also directed them to pay all the overdue tax payment within next seven working days.

A senior civic official said that this demand notice to generate outstanding property tax was sent to all defaulters across the city. But, our major focus will be on the regular ones in the plush residential or prime commercial areas. The authority will send them distress warrant if they ignore the recently sent demand notice.

The issuance of distress warrant is signed by the municipal commissioner and it directly gives KMC the right to attach defaulters’ property for the realization of the due. The newly formed team will also work area-wise to generate dues from the defaulters from a long time.

An official of the revenue department said that we have a list of major defaulters and while going through the assessment records we found that tax defaulters owning Rs.5 crores and more to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation have commercial properties in the central business district.