Good Floor Plan
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A Floor plan is one of the important components that need careful research before investing in any residential unit especially if you are buying it for your own use. It is a 2-D or 3-D representation of units that shows a connection between all the rooms, bathroom, kitchen, balcony area, etc. It also shows the exact size of every part of the unit drawn with proper measurement. However, in order to keep your home clutter-free and spacious, a good plan is a mandatory requirement. Let’s understand the basics of a good Floor plan in detail:

Size of Rooms

According to experts, rooms which are rectangular in nature and are at least 12 ft X 10 feet in size are the perfect example of a good floor plan. However, this configuration is based on the fact that a typical bed size is about 7-9 ft and then an extra space of 5 ft is given for a to and fro movement in the room. You also need space to keep your important furniture like almirah, stools, dressing tables bedsiders, etc. In the case of the master bedroom, space for attached bathroom and walking closet is a must.


These days in order to lure homebuyers, lots of developers are focusing on balconies as it provides fresh air and light to the residents. They are mostly not counted in Floor Area Index, but to manage loading, many developers include it in the carpet area. So, always keep in mind to choose a home which has large balconies as compared to smaller ones.


Another example of a good floor plan is an open kitchen. Such kitchen space offers easy access to other areas of the home. Also, ensure that the dining area and kitchen must be in sync with each other so that you can have a convenient approach.


The size and design of the bathroom is completely under homebuyer’s discretion. But, seeing most of the floor plans, it can be noticed that in most of the cases number of bathrooms depends upon the number of bedrooms. Let say, a 1 BHK will have 1 Bathroom, a 2 BHK will have two bathrooms one attached with room and another one in the common area.

Common Area

A good floor plan is the one which keeps your common areas clutter-free. Use all such space cleverly by developing in-built units like Almirah, tables, shelves, etc.

Placement of Furniture

To avoid congestion in the bedroom, living room or common area, give a little extra space in your floor plan. It will make your home spacious and look good.

View of the Home

A good floor plan gives the perfect view of your home. So, keep in mind that when you enter the home, it highlights the important interiors and living room. Avoid view of kitchen and bathroom.


You must have heard about super built-up area and carpet area. However, the difference between the two is known as loading and it is usually 30% of the floor plan. But, remember in order to avoid any clutter, ensure that loading is not more than 30% and less than 25%.