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The residential market has many offerings in the present scenario but 2BHk remains in demand constantly. A recent study shows that over 40 percent home buyers prefer buying a 2BHk apartment in major cities like the national capital region, Bengaluru, Chennai and
Kolkata. The study also showed the trend of Mumbai city where 51 percent people prefer 1 BHk apartment and this percentage change is only because the property prices here are higher in comparison to other cities and hence prospects prefer 1 BHk unit.

Reasons for Investing in 2BHk

  • Budget-friendliness is the main reason that attracts homebuyers in this segment. The localities, amenities, safety and connectivity are the basic things that a prospect looks for when it comes to home buying. Today, the real estate market has a wide range of 2BHKs to choose from and this is available in both high-rise apartments and builder floors.
  • Infrastructure around is the next big reason as the prospects has to manage expenses and livelihood after buying a home. Hence, commutation is one thing that a person thinks about as low Home EMI helps in saving more than what was calculated. The closer distance between home and workplace along with easy transport and congestion-free travel is an important reason investing in 2BHk apartments.
  • The Locality is another reason that makes the homebuyers prefers 2BHk over other units. The standard of living depends largely on society and the plush townships with spacious residential units have a different lifestyle altogether. Hence, the first time homebuyers and the prospect with a decent price bracket prefer to buy a 2BHK. This decision not only allows a person to be a homeowner but also allow him/her to enjoy life with more zest without putting up a fake image.
  • Future Planning is the next big thing on the mind as one is required to think about the next generation. Today, many people own a home in earlier 30s and this is because they plan to buy a second asset to safeguard kids’ future. Also, the buying of a 2BHk initially allows you to repay the home loan in a short span of time due to low interest rate, PMAY subsidy and minimum down payment as they create balance between funding and saving.
  • Cutting down Unnecessary Expenses is a prime reason as the maintenance cost in plush townships and highrise societies are likely to burn a hole in the pocket of a middle-class person. Hence, prospects prefer buying a 2BHk in the affordable segment to keep the living standard, expenses and budget balanced like earlier.


The concept of urban lifestyle looks attracting but living the same with the burden of adjusting to cope up with the society is not appreciable. Hence, people prefer buying a 2BHk home as it suits the budget and also allows them to live a relaxed life.