Comprehensive Development Plan

The concept of CDP gave birth to various global cities and the zest to become the best amongst them has kept the Governments work on the idea of a Comprehensive Development Plan. Interestingly, India is also following the tradition to develop cities based on CDP and thus this blog post shed light on what is a Comprehensive Development Plan as the homebuyers must know about it because it ultimately reflects on the property cost.

1. Concept of Comprehensive Development Plan

Popular as CDP, it is a Comprehensive Development Plan that is designed to develop a geographical location while considering the present socio-economic conditions. This process formulates public policies in various sectors like transportation, utilities, land use, recreation, and housing. Comprehensive plans particularly large geographical areas and includes long-term projects.

2. Comprehensive Development Plan in India

Work on CDP is carried out under different headings across the globe and in India, the Comprehensive Development Plan is added under JNNURM i.e Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. The vision to introduce CDP in India is to build cities that offer equal economic, social, secure and sustainable opportunities to grow and live.

3. CDP, Homebuyers and its Effects

A Comprehensive Development Plan brings up alternative routes to complete infrastructural projects that are necessary to be developed within the set deadline to offer better connectivity to the residents. The CDP resolves all the issues related to clearance and acquisitions as they directly effects the urban poor and migrant professionals who are required to deal with vehicular congestion every day on their routine exercise to reach office and back home.

A budget is allocated to the Comprehensive Development Plan to start and accomplish various infrastructural projects. The CDP is designed by town planners either for a minimum of five or a maximum of twenty years.

This process has a positive effect on the homebuyers as they can be a proud owner of a property at a strategic location. However, the fluctuation of the property price is possible due to this as the regular addition of more infrastructural facilities to the plan leads to an increase in both the demand for properties and cost of units.

4. Process of Comprehensive Development Plan

This process comprises of four stages and they are:

  • In-depth Analysis – The working of a CDP is multi-level and thus it needs to have an in-depth knowledge of current present development, demography, infrastructure, utility systems, environmental, financial, and institutional aspects of the city or the respective locality. This is important as the town planners have to check the expansion potential of the city.
  • Development Vision – Based on the study of above-mentioned factors, the town planners create development either for next five or twenty years.
  • Execution of Strategy – The development plan is then transformed into the project and phased-wise portions if necessary and then work on the same begins accordingly.

Financial Plan – This level includes City Investment Plan and fund allocation for the futuristic development.

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