building planYour dream home is not just made up of bricks and mortar, what made it realty is a perfect plan. No house or a society or a project can be developed without the approval of building plan from respective state authorities. It is a plan that consists of all the details, building design, placement of rooms, coverage area etc. Moreover, if don’t have necessary approvals in hand, your house or the project can be scrapped with consequences of demolition too.

However, in Delhi, the rules are stricter than other states. Under section 343 and 344 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation (DMC) Act, if the building plan is not sanctioned, then the respective building can even be demolished. On the other hand, under section 345A and 466A of the Act, a developer can face prosecution too. So, it’s better to have approvals beforehand.

Take a look at various other documents which are needed to get the approval of Building Plan from Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD):

Building Plan Copy

In Delhi, a builder or a developer has to submit four copies of building plan to the MCD. However, the number varies from department to department. Let say, if a builder wants to take approval from the fire service department you have to submit 6 copies, while the land development department asks for 9 copies.

Ownership Proof

Another important document needed to submit at the MCD office is the ownership proof. Till the time, a developer will not submit it; he/she cannot start the construction work. The builder has to submit the lease deed or the sale deed as a proof of ownership to the office or if they don’t have the same, then they can submit a NOC from the respective authority.

Building Expert Certificate

It may be the architect, or designer or any other supervisor from whom a duly signed certificate is needed to the builder in a prescribed format. This is a certificate which confirms that the building plan is in accordance with the set rules and norms by the state government. After getting the certificates attested, a builder has to submit this document to the MCD.

Project Specification

A developer has to submit two copies of such document to the MCD.

Completion Certificate

Under Section 346 of the DMC act, it is mandatory to submit the completion certificate once the construction work is completed from the builder side.

Other Documents

Apart from the above, there are several other documents which need to be submitted to the Delhi civic body. They include rainwater harvesting certificate (if the plot is below 100, nuisance or Mulba certificate etc. Also, NOC from the tax department has also to be submitted.

Undertaking and Affidavits Needed

  • Indemnity bond in case there is a need to construct basement.
  • Affidavit for collaboration and no-collaboration agreement.
  • Approval from the chief inspector of factories.