Construction Materials
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With pollution level increasing day after day, the government today is focusing on those infrastructural developments which are safer for the environment. Among all the initiatives, the major one which our construction industry is utilizing is the use of sustainable building materials which is used to develop green homes.

A green building is developed from materials that are safer for the environment as well as durable and energy efficient. The use of concrete is minimal whereas materials such as straw bale, wood, recycled plastic, rammed earth etc. are given more focus. In recent years the use of green building construction materials has gained momentum among many developers who utilize them in the development of their residential or commercial projects.

Take a look at various Construction Materials used in the development of Green Buildings:


It is always said that ‘Old is Gold’. Same is the case with wood too. Our earlier generations have used this material to construct their homes. Because of its benefits like reduction in carbon dioxide level, low utilization of energy, wood today has emerged as a popular construction material amongst developers and builders. For instance, cross-laminated timber, a powerful material than steel is used in developing buildings to give them stronger shape for a longer time.


Created from recycled materials like waste steel dust and silica from ground up glass, Ferrock is another sustainable construction material which is much stronger and flexible than Portland cement. This material is used more in those areas which are prone to seismic activities. Ferrock absorbs and traps carbon dioxide during its drying and hardening process thereby helps in reducing carbon emissions. It is also much cheaper than traditional concrete.

Recycled Plastics

It is another promising construction material which is durable and energy efficient and saves lots of money when it comes to its use while developing a green building. According to an expert if a developer uses recycled plastic in constructing a building, the life span of the same increases by 30-50 years.

Rammed Earth

Another material which was popular since earlier ages is rammed earth. It is basically used in the construction of foundations, floors, and walls. Rammed earth is developed with the help of natural raw materials like chalk, lime, gravel, sand, silt, and earth. Other features which this constructional material possesses are higher thermal mass, less maintenance as well as lower noise levels. During extreme weather, walls which are made from rammed earth provide more protection to the home.

Straw Bale

This construction material is made using bales of straws of rice, oats, rye, wheat etc. Because of its sustainability and environment-friendly nature, straw bale has emerged as a popular constructing material among developers across the world. It also helps in keeping buildings warm during winters and cool during summers. The material has also good insulation quality that helps in retaining up to 90 years.