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A Name allows identification and thus it is important to choose a perfect one. This rule is same for everyone and the Indian real estate sector has also went with the flow. The introduction of exotic names as the residential project address is a new thing and thus the homebuyers must understand the importance of exotic names in the residential sector.

  1. Impression

Each name has its meaning and impression. These two things are high-on the mind of every property buyer. Hence, the developers are choosing the name that elaborates the ambience, amenities and others of their projects. For example, a residential project with a Spanish name let the prospect understands the Spanish- style housing, architectural structure and more.

The name also makes a person understand the budget and affordability of a project.

  1. Marketing Tactic

Project naming is the most important work of every marketing plan. The use of exotic names in the residential sector is also a marketing tactic as it leaves an impact on people’s mind. This helps to complete the sales funnel when the generated lead is transferred as a prospect and then a client while closing the funnel successfully. The exotic naming of a residential project proves helpful for the acquisition of the targeted prospects and the entire market.

  1. Experience Royalty

Every residential project with an exotic name has a greater number of interests in comparison to the regularly named housing project. The name reflects the lifestyle, environment, beauty and the regal attitude that comes with a particular project. Also, these kinds of names make the luxurious and premium living projects stand out from each other in the Indian real estate market.

  1. Describes Property

An exotic name not only reveals the ambiance but it also highlights the property features. The names like Villa, Isle, Nature, Village, Town, boulevard and more elaborate the housing unit designs that are available inside the project.

  1. Define Construction Quality

The name leaves an unforgettable impression and also let the prospects know about the open landscape, surroundings, neighbouring localities and more.

But, we caution you not to go by the project name only as other factors like possession date, developer background and more should be check before finalizing the deal.