Amenity Enabled Property
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Buying a home is not an easy task and there are a lot many things to consider particularly when you are a first-time buyer. Apart from focusing on preferred location, budget-friendly home and connectivity of the property, you must also consider the amenities alias facilities provided by the developer/builder.

Elementary Facilities Developer/Builder Offers:

There are five basic amenities that are offered by each developer/builder as living without these facilities is next to impossible. So, make sure you look for the property which is enabled with the below-mentioned amenities. Also, the property price is all inclusive of the cost of these amenities and hence you must choose these services wisely. Remember that the basic amenities are the right kind of amenities which are required to experience a peaceful and happy life. Thus, check for the following amenities:

  • Firstly, you must look for Security. The home you are planning to buy should have round the clock security or patrolling as it is important for the protection of your family from all kind of mishap. As a home buyer, you must be aware of the CCTV surveillance, gated security, fire and theft alarm. Don’t forget to ask if the property you are planning to purchase is enabled with these amenities or not.
  • Secondly, the aspiring home buyers planning to purchase a home in high-rise apartments/townships must look for lifts and elevators both. These buildings consist of staircases but it is not possible to climb them every time. So, check if the township is enabled with fully-functional elevators and lifts.
  • Thirdly, nothing can run without electricity and today the habit of residing in AC rooms and the continuous power supply is one of the most essential things for smart living. So, check if the developer/builder has provision for 24×7 power backup as you might have to pay extra money to avail it. The charges of power back up vary from developer to developer. 
  • Fourthly make sure that the developer/builder offers at least one dedicated parking space. This is so because many townships offer two parking zone, one is the open parking area and the second is known as covered parking. The developer/builder usually offers one free parking and you are required to pay an additional amount to secure one more parking space.
  • Lastly, it is mandatory for all developer/builders to leave some percentage of open space which must be designed as the garden area. The open space must have fresh grass and plants to keep the environment healthy. Most of the townships today have jogging/walking tracks in this area.

The property should match your living standards and budget both. Hence, you can deny some affluent amenities as they reflect in the property price. Here we are listing the high-end amenities that a home buyer can drop from the list while finalizing the property purchase.

  • Walking/Jogging track
  • Play area
  • Club house
  • Swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Rooftop garden
  • Open deck
  • Sky lounge
  • Spa and salon
  • Concierge services
  • Restaurants
  • Party hall
  • Temple and religious activity place
  • Cinema hall
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

These 10+ amenities transform lifestyle as you get the option to live, pay and relax under one roof. But, one is required to pay an extra cost for availing these amenities. Those looking to own a residential unit in the city where they are living are likely to ignore these additional amenities as it can burn a hole in their pocket.

How to Choose between Essential and Non- Essential Amenities:

  1. Know your requirements first as it will help in assessing the essential amenities to avail. The fundamental amenities come at the cost of your home but opting for premium facilities means getting under the burden of paying additional cost without which the home buying deal can’t be completed.
  2. Then think about your budget as one has to run a house and the family most importantly. So, calculate how much fund you can manage while keeping the smooth flow of money for other things such as the payment of school fee, EMI of your car and more.
  3. Ask the developer/builder if you have to pay extra/additional cost for availing any amenity twice. For example additional charges for parking space, party lawn and clubhouse membership. Don’t sign the papers before getting a proper understanding of what you are going to receive after paying a hefty amount as the developer/builder showcase the brighter alias positive side of each amenity. But it is you a home buyer who is required to buy property with right kind of amenities in his/her budget.

A home buyer has to take a final call on purchasing a property. But deciding to buy a housing unit with right kind of amenities is one thing common among all. So, look, review and then finalize the purchase of your dream home.