Internet of ThingsIoT i.e. the internet of things has added new dimensions to living experience and thus the Indian real estate has not remained untouched from the same. However, the inception of IoT in the industry is advantageous for both the buyers and sellers in the Indian property market. So, know more about the introduction of IoT in the Indian real estate by scrolling down the post now:

1. Curb Delays – Today a couple of real estate projects are facing delay and this is due to several reasons like bad weather conditions and more. But, the IoT technology allows the insertion of sensors in heavy construction machinery as they not only fetch data from the construction site but also indicate bad weather conditions or other reasons that are likely to push the completion deadline. The finding of any abnormal activity also lets the workers and professionals take corrective measures to curb maximum damage and delays.

2. Intelligent Prefabrication – The use of prefabricated methodology is a better way to meet the rapidly increasing demand for residential units. The IoT technology allows usage of RFID sensors as it ensures the production of construction waste to a minimum. Apart from this, the Internet of Things has opened a getaway to smart construction as compared to the traditional construction method.

3. Green Building – The real estate sector is known to be one of the biggest producers of landfill waste but the developers are now shifting to use recycled or environment-friendly construction material for environment conservation. Not only this, but the realtors are also opting for renewable energy sources like a solar panel for battery backup and more.

4. Building Information Modelling – BIM is another element of IoT Technology that offers a 3-dimensional view of a building. Other than this, the technique is also useful to develop structures during the design and construction period. The BIM technique can also be used to implement the changes made to one set to others at the same time.


The IoT Technique has changed the dynamics of property market in the country and is proving beneficial for the buyers as well as for the seller/developers.

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