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The result of DDA Housing Scheme 2019 is out and the applicants are now looking forward to the procedure to get their allotted unit. Thus, here we have listed FAQs on DDA Housing Scheme 2019 to help the applicants. But before going on to the list of frequently asked questions here is an overview of this scheme.

All about DDA Housing Scheme 2019

The Delhi Development Authority launched its maiden online housing scheme this year and offered more than 17,000 housing units under multiple categories like EWS [Economically Weaker Section], LIG [Low Income group], MIG [Middle Income Group] and HIG [High Income Group]. The authority opened applications for this scheme in March and promised to offer capacious dwelling units in both Narela and Vasant Kunj.

Q: How can I find my name in the winner list?

There are multiple ways to check if you are a winner or not as DDA publish the winner list on their portal www.dda.org.in. Apart from this, you can visit the DDA office as the authority put up the list of winners on the notice board at DDA office, Vikas Sadan, D Block, INA, New Delhi -110023.

The Delhi Development Authority also sends email and SMS to the winner to notify allotment of unit under the scheme.

Q: What is the next step to follow if my name is there in the Winner list?

The selected applicant has to deposit the unit cost within 90 days after the authority issues the Demand-cum-allotment letter. This document is issued by the Delhi Development Authority online.

However, you must know that the authority can penalize you for the delay in submission of unit value with 10 percent per annum upto six months. This penalty will increase to 14 percent in case the beneficiary does not submit the unit cost even after six months.

Q: What is the mode of payment after receiving the allotment letter?

The mode of payment is cash and the beneficiary can avail home loan by mortgaging the unit/flat. After the issuance of allotment letter, the beneficiary must submit outstanding amount through his account or from any relatives account and the transaction should be made through NEFT/RTGS/ Net Banking. The relative must be in relation with the beneficiary such as the son or daughter of the allottee, husband/wife, parents, siblings, grand-son/grand-daughter or, wife of the son (daughter-in-law), or husband of daughter (son-in-law).

Q: What is the next step in case my name appears on the Waitlist?

The Delhi Development Authority prepares a separate waitlist of the applicants that is equal to the 25 percent of the total units offered. This list is valid upto10 months from the date of issuance of demand letters to specific applicants.

Q: How much time will it take for money refund, in case my name is not there in winner and wishlist?

The authority refund money of the applicants who are not selected either in the winner list or in the wishlist. It takes 6-9 months to complete the process of money refund.

Q: What is the process to surrender or cancel the unit?

No cancellation charges are levied on surrender/cancellation of a unit from the date of draw and up to 15th day from the date of issue of demand-cum-allotment letter.

10 percent of the application money is charged from the 16th day till 30th day from the date of issue of allotment letter.

50 percent of the application money is charged from 31st day till 90th day from the date of issue of allotment letter.

The complete application money is charged after 90 days from the date of issue of allotment letter.