RWABeing a home buyer you must know everything about the Resident welfare Association (RWA) and its functioning. In fact, the flat/apartment owners must also know the working of this organization as it plays an important role to maintain and secure your property from various illegal moves. So, scroll down the post and know the details about the Resident Welfare Association.

1. What is RWA?

This is an organization that works in the interest of all residents residing in a particular housing society and is responsible to carry out all day-to-day activities like maintaining premises, dealing with daily issues of the residents, organizing events and ensuring security of the entire premises.

2. RWA formation

The Resident Welfare Association is formed after the residents of a housing society votes for the candidates who stand in the RWA election for a particular post. Once the elections are over, the RWA is required to get registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and has to work according to the constitutional document like the Memorandum of Association that explains the functioning of the organization.

Under the Registrar of Societies, seven or more people can give their names for registration of Memorandum of Association that allows the formation of RWA according to the Societies Registration Act 1860.

3. Membership of RWA

The residents who are keen to take an active part in the development and welfare of the housing society can take the membership of the respective Resident Welfare Association while abiding the terms and conditions clause of the RWA.

The RWA has to right to reject the membership for the individual post by giving a valid reason in writing to the concerned person.

The membership can be terminated in case the member works against the ethics of the RWA or if the person dies, resign from his/her post or is absent in the three straight meetings without informing the Association.

4. Members and their Role in RWA

President – This person defends the RWA’s stand on various issues and has the right to take a legal move against the group of people or an individual. However, the people or an individual also has the right to sue the President.

No proposal or contract can be passed without his/her consent as the President takes the final call on all the issues. He/she must be aware of the event and every work that is being carried out on the expense of the Resident Welfare Association.

The President looks after the maintenance of internal roads, cleanliness, park, drainage, street lights, water and electricity. In case of retail outlets within the premises of the society, he/she is also responsible to look after the maintenance of shops and mini bazaar.

Treasurer – The person holding this position is responsible to collect and maintain all the accounts and documentation related to the transactions in the RWA. In short, the Treasurer is also responsible to manage all monetary deals irrespective of small or big sum of amount is involved in the process.

Secretary – He/she can call for a meeting as and when required. The person holding this position is required to prepare minutes of meeting, agenda to be discussed in the meeting and also to conduct the meeting purposefully.

A Secretary is responsible to resolve the issues raised by the members by proposing and passing the required resolution.

The Resident Welfare Association is an important organization and thus the person(s) with ample experience, understanding and zest to help others should be selected to be a part of RWA.