Temporary Housing
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What is a temporary home? Well, this is the first thing that comes to our mind as not many amongst us are familiar with it. But, this doesn’t mean that India is not ready for this concept as many organizations are also catching up with temporary housing. So, today in this blog post we are listing all the information about temporary housing.

Hence, let us start with the concept.

Introduction to Temporary Housing:

Any accommodation that is taken up on rent for a short duration of five-six months is known as the temporary housing. It is not possible to get a rental home for a few months as the formalities such as rent agreement and deposit is done for a period of 11 months. Thus, this is when you can get a temporary home for some time.

 Types of Temporary Housing:

  • Service Apartment – The country is witnessing a sudden increase in such accommodations and these service apartments are said to be a better deal than the extended-hotel stay. The best part of this temporary housing is comfort like that of a home. The amenities like kitchen, bathroom, laundry, fitness area and other facilities make service apartment a perfect option for short durations.
  • Corporate Housing – Today, many organizations in India are leasing few apartments in multiple cities in order to offer comfortable stay to their employees who travel for official purpose. The Human Resource i.e. the HR department of the organizations has a complete list of these apartments in multiple localities and you can get one while going on an official tour. This kind of temporary housing also fits into the budget as you have to pay a lesser price for this accommodation in comparison to the hotel stay that also for the same duration. Also, some organizations offer discounts on such temporary housing, however, they have certain terms and conditions to fill in. Here also one can experience comfort like that of a home.
  • Private Apartments – Now-a-days, India is witnessing a new trend that is the builder floors. Here the builder takes your property and develops the same floor-wise and then offers you [the property owner] a floor in the same building once the construction is complete and the property is ready for possession. The developer, however, ensures comfortable temporary housing for the property owner and offers them a ready to move in property along with the rental amount for a short a period.

Major Indian Cities to offer Temporary Housing:

The increase in IT hubs in multiple cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Noida, Greater Noida and Chennai offers a variety of options to choose from in temporary housing.