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The Karnataka government has recently taken a smart move by introducing the “Online Land and Building Plan Approval System” (LBPAS) to better its people. Thanks to the Online Building Plan Approval System Karnataka for launching the LBPAS web portal. From now on, you needn’t visit the offices for plan approval. Instead, you can get them done right from your home. Especially amid worldwide pandemic situations, LBPAS can be the best choice for you for hassle-free plan approval in Karnataka.

Well, if you want more information about online lbpas karnataka, we are here to help! This article explains all the key information regarding Online Building Plan Approval System Karnataka. So, without further ado, let’s dig a little deep to know more about this!

Overview of LBPAS

Official Website:

Official Portal: LBPAS

Inaugurated by: CM of Karnataka State

Department of Operation: The Urban Development Department of Karnataka

Recipients: The residents of Karnataka State

Motive: To offer Online Land and Building Plan Approval within Karnataka.

Features of LBPAS

Below is the Online Building Plan Approval System Karnataka; you can check them out for sure.

1. With the help of LBPAS, the people of Karnataka can make online submissions of their building plans without visiting government offices.

2. The applicants can make online payments for the plan approval through the LBPAS portal.

3. An instant verification method is available for CAD drawing files of the building plans.

4. People can select the date of inspection according to their choices depending upon the availability of slots.

5. The applicants will get digital certificates upon sanction of plans with a digital signature.

6. The applicants will get the updated status of their application through emails or messages on their registered mobile cell phone numbers.

7. The applicants can also check the status of their applications online in the LBPAS portal.

8. In many circumstances, if the application is rejected, the applicant can re-submit the application through LBPAS.

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Online Building Plan Approval System Karnataka: Application Procedures

Suppose you wish to apply for online lbpas karnataka. In that case, you can follow the below steps to understand the process of application.

Step 1 – First, you need to open the official website of LBPAS on your personal computer. Use this link to open the official website –

Step 2 – Then on the website homepage, you will find the authorized link of the LBPAS portal. Just click on the link to get options.

Step 3 – After selecting the LBPAS portal, you will get an option for the senior citizens. You need to click on the senior citizen option.

Step 4 – After you click on the senior citizen option, the LBPAS for Online Building Plan Approval System Karnataka will open.

Step 5 – Now, you need to register yourself for using the LBPAS portal. Here you need to provide a few details. After putting in the necessary details, you will be asked to use a new username and password to further use the portal.

Step 6 – Now, once the registration is complete, you can use online lbpas karnataka and apply for building plans approval online.

Step 7 – Once you have applied online for the building plan approval, you will get an e-receipt for your successful application. Please save that e-receipt for further reference of your application. However, once you apply for building permission online Karnataka lbpas, you will get notified through emails and messages at your registered number.

The LBPAS is indeed a smart move as the people of Karnataka state can now apply for the building plans approval online. This process became more effective during the worldwide pandemic situation. With the help of the LBPAS portal, people can submit their applications right from their homes. This Online Building Plan Approval System Karnataka is undoubtedly beneficial in the time of the pandemic. It can save a lot of time.

What does Online Building Plan Approval System Karnataka do?

The state government of Karnataka recently launched an online portal for land and building plan approval for the people of Karnataka.

What is the name of the portal for the Online Building Plan Approval System Karnataka?

The name of the launched online portal is LBPAS (Online land and building plan approval system)

How can I access the website of Karnataka online building plan approval system (LBPAS)?

The authorized web link for the portal is Once you open this, you will get the option of LBPAS. You need to click on the link to use the online approval system of LBPAS.

Who are the beneficiaries of online lbpas Karnataka?

The people of Karnataka state are the beneficiaries of this online portal. They can use this online portal for their land and building plan approval without visiting government officees.