Online Building Plan
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The Karnataka State Government is planning to go digital in every possible especially for the real estate sector.

UT Khader,  the Urban Development Minister, Karnataka Government informed that the process for building layout plan sanction and making applications for change of land [CLU] will be made online very soon. He also said that LBPAS, an online building plan approval system is planned to be launched on 11th June by the State Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy in Vidhan Soudha, Bengaluru.

The Urban Development minister further said that the State Government is introducing first of its kind online system and this will prove beneficial for the residents as the paperless procedure will create less ruckus in completing the process. The LBPAS has a process to verify applications in a fast manner while considering the zonal regulations and master plan via CAD-based software. All the information gathered is verified along with minimal manual involvement and proper utilizing data from various other governmental automation systems.

Minister also informed that the systematic workflow will bring transparency in working. In order to authenticate the issued certificate the option of digital signature is also introduced.

Hence, the residents will be able to submit their applications online without visiting the office. This portal will also have the option to submit applications for various other permits and approvals in different categories. A person can also make the payment online for the application and can check the application status on the portal.

The minimal human resource usage will drop down the errors in the verification process and will complete the entire work in a transparent and timely manner.