Jewar Airport Decks cleared as farmers gave consent for land acquisition
Img : nimbuzz

Decks have been cleared for the Jewar airport as around 75% of the farmers gave written consent for the first phase of land acquisition. As per the latest reports, approximately 2,350 farmers gave permission for the acquisition of 916 hectares of agricultural land for the airport project.

According to the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013, the administration needs to have the consent of 70% farmers before it can start the land acquisition.

Giving the information, Jewar MLA Dhirendra Singh said, “The government needs consent for 1,230 hectares of agricultural land. We have got consent for 916 hectares and the remaining land is owned by the government itself. That means we have got consent for 75% of the total land required for the project. We will now inform the UP chief minister about this development.”

Sources from YEIDA authority said that as we have got the consent, now the next step will be triggering of section 11 of the Land Act, where all farmers land will be tallied and a detailed report will be filed. The process will be completed in a month in Jewar as most of the work has been done.

“Once this report will be prepared, we will start the tender and bidding process, while the rehabilitation process of farmers will start after two months. Work on the residential plot of farmers will be done after that.” the source added.

The authority further said that as decided each farmer who gave their consent for the land acquisition will get Rs 2,300 per square metre for their land, a developed plot for rehabilitation in Jewar region, which is equivalent to 50 per cent of their residential plot (if in case their houses come under the acquisition), Rs 5,85,000 as rehabilitative cost and a job for one family member.