Affordable Housing
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The introduction of affordable housing concept by the Narendra Modi-led Central Government is helping thousands of aspiring home buyers in realizing their dream of owning property. But, construction of these homes also incurs huge funds and thus leaves housing out of budget for many people. Also, the increase in pollution and squeezing of green areas make the environment unhealthy and thus it affects the health of people directly.

Therefore, the construction of these affordable homes has been designed according to the new technology. In fact, a research carried out by the IIT Madras proves the benefit of GFRG (Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum) panels. These panels promise premium quality housing construction and take lesser time in building home structures.

In fact, GFRG technology is believed to bring a transformational change in the construction of affordable homes and will also leave an impact on the costing of homes too. So, let us understand what this technology is how it is beneficial for affordable housing.

What is GFRG – Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum

GFRG is ready to install wall which is made of up calcined gypsum plaster and is reinforced with glass fibers. These walls are assembled in the desired shape and then are brought directly to the construction site. Also, these prefabricated walls need not have plaster or wall paint, unlike the regular wall which is made up of bricks and cement mixture.

Benefits of GFRG Homes

The housing projects built with GFRG technology are cost-efficient as the builders save money on the purchase of cement and wall paints etc. In fact, this type of housing also has multiple benefits as such:

  • Being Eco-friendly Homes
  • Keep Home Cool Naturally
  • Fire Resistant Homes
  • Earthquake Resistant Homes
  • Cost-Efficient Homes

GFRG making Green Living Concept a True Story

The United Nations Framework on Climate Change declared GFRG – Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum a green building material and thus many builders are planning to use this material in constructing affordable housing. Also, India holds 64 million tonnes of garbage waste which is produced from industrial plants and other manufacturing units and adds 2.5 million tonnes garbage every year.

According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Alleviation report, India is a facing shortage of 40 million housing units in the rural areas and more than 18 million units in the urban areas which increase the chances of building affordable homes with this new technology. The GFRG technology is making headlines with the realtors and thus the Government is carrying out R&D on the same. In fact, the Government is likely to introduce this construction material in the building of affordable housing as it is cost-efficient and is eco-friendly too.

The addition of this technology in building affordable homes will bring a transformational change in India real estate market.