NRI To Buy A Property In India
Source : perceptive-solutions

NRIs have always been enthusiastic for investing in Indian real estate. These people living overseas with an emotional connection with their homeland surely cannot leave the right to home ownership in India merely because of distance issues. The latter has been the only reason that why it is difficult for NRIs to buy a property in India. Flying down to the country and back again is sometimes not possible. Pre-occupied with their occupation and jobs abroad, NRIs find internet the best medium to buy properties in India without even spending time and money on travelling to and fro.

Digital presence seems the only key to solve the problem of both – the builders and the investors. More than 15% of total market share of Indian Realty is usually funded by NRIs and surprisingly, this figure has reached to 20% this year and $60 billion of investment is estimated by the NRIs only. Clearly, the only presence of the builders and developers have created an easy pathway for the NRIs to check out the features of a project.

How Developers are Making it Online?

Since people staying abroad are unable to view the project or property by their physical presence, developers have made it easy for them to view them online via virtual tours. This allows a person to view a 360-degree virtual view of the property. Further, they have also given a solution to the inventories and booking hiccups. List of inventories, booking engine and the easy payment gateway – all integrated on the online platform have made the property-buying task as easy as pie for the NRIs.

Where developers are gaining via direct sales, property consultants are also making its digital presence through online advertisement.

Drawing the conclusion from the above scenarios, NRIs are actively investing in Indian properties and internet has become the most preferable and reliable medium for finding, selecting and booking the property.

Benefits NRIs are Drawing from Digital Presence of Indian Realty

When it comes to counting on the benefits of internet today, we have a plethora of perks. Similarly, for an investor living overseas, they find numerous benefits out of internet to whilst investing in real estate in India. Some of the benefits are as –

  1. Search and view ‘n’ number of properties in one day which, in comparison with physical selection of a property, is more convenient, and time and money saving.
  2. Check the builder’ profiles and their previous projects, and developments.
  3. Keep the transparency in booking and transaction.
  4. Saving money on travelling down to India and back.

Clearly, online is the best way an NRI can book a property in India and enjoy the benefits of the asset staying abroad.