Abhijit Ray.Being Kolkata’s top interior designing firm, the Estate Lookup not only offers interior designing services to the city residents but also offer solution on smart architectural designs to people residing in other cities adjoining Kolkata – the city of joy. Here is the full interview of Abhijit ray – the Managing Director of Estate Lookup, Kolkata. 

Q: What are the core things that create a perfect balance between architectural and interior design of a place?

Answer: To simplify it with simple dialogue, architectural structure or layout of a property demands interior design themes that compliments the property and place keeping an aspect of the dweller’s requirement, correlation with personal choice of style requirement e.g. European Style, Modern Style, European Style, Victorian Style, Bohemian Style, French Style, etc. keeping in aspect by the space usability requirement of the people who are actually going to reside there and to blend them perfectly with the new age gadgets perfectly so it doesn’t look awkwardly placed in that environment. That is the job of a well versed interior designer who balances the creativity with the necessity.

Q: How does the landscape of Kolkata stands different from other metro cities and what are the essential things that almost every resident wish to have in his/her home in this City of Joy?

Answer: Kolkata as the ‘Cultural capital of India’ & ‘City of joy’ proclaims the title due to the mix of heritage and modern which is to be found in its monolithic infrastructures from the Victorian/British era still standing tall along with the new age skyline buildings. Because Kolkata is a metro city people from different parts of the map and various rich cultures blend together. Kolkata has a trend of long forgetting practice of humanity that with time has almost diminished due to the rat race and that is self-expression through meeting forums where friends, colleagues or relatives meeting to discuss and debate on different affairs and subjects. This is residents of the city wish to have a beautifully designed courtyard or living room to invite guests to unwind the aforesaid matter we can consider a necessity. Money can buy a moment of pleasure but peace of mind through self expression through words over a cup of coffee or tea in a pleasant environment is unmatched.

Bedroom Design by Abhijit Ray

Q: Which are landmark buildings of Kolkata and does people still catch a glimpse of British Era in architectural design of New Town?

Answer: Victoria Memorial, Calcutta High Court, LIC building at Esplanade, Indian Museum, Howrah Bridge and there are numerous to be counted. The British Era buildings coexist with the new age structures so on a regular basis when people visit Central/North Kolkata they are automatically exposed to the gone era’s structures.

Q: How important it is to strike balance between Vastu, colour analysis and different spaces in a residential project in order to allow the flow of positivity inside a home? Also, does the colour preference deal with trending colour or they remain static as per the guidelines?

Answer: Vastu & Feng Shui is to do with the balanced flow of energy in a property. Every colour has various vibrations and frequency and by our ancient scientists the rishis who used to observe the various climatic conditions and flow of energy of the place according to meridians. Best way to have good vastu is to have an unclogged and clean room where positive energy prevails. Vastu or Feng Shui also has to do with a beautiful interior that reciprocates a feeling of harmony and peace inside your inner body room called ‘The Mind’.

Living Room

It won’t be appropriate that you paint your wall Green on one side, Red in another wall, Yellow in another and Grey in another, surely it will look very awkward.

The location is also a factor like in Eastern part of India having a South Side entrance or door was considered best because in Eastern Part of India the cool breeze used to flow from the Bay of Bengal located at the Southern fringes.

You also don’t need to break any wall, sleep in the kitchen to maintain harmony as per vastu. If all the houses have got East and North facing entrances then all the units as per layout will be wasted resulting of wastage of money, natural resources cause more deforestation will happen to cope up the huge population residential demands bringing less Prana not for an individual but on entire humanity.

Few factors like sleeping with your head facing South or East is because the magnetic energy of the place is not that sharp as in North or North-East making you awake or your brain been active enough for not getting a deep sleep for you to make you grouchy the next day.

Secondly, having a large window in the East will get you the replenishing energy from the Sun enters your premises and North to get the energetic magnetic energy.

Colour is not just a factor involved in the practice of vastu but same can be achieved with artifacts, gems, crystal, mirrors, pyramids/sriyantra, photos or statues of representation deity or others.

Q: What are Custom Walk-in Wardrobesand Bathroom Vanities? Tell more about 3D Rendering and how challenging it is to design kid’s room as children usually wish to have a particular colour?

Answer: Custom Walk-in Wardrobes are a practice where unused space can be accommodated to save space and work as a concealed storage unit. If you have huge storage requirement and adequate size of your room you may go for walk-in wardrobes.

Bathroom vanities are a medium where all your toiletries are stored and concealed so are the basin (which resides on top of that) outlet and inlet pipes get concealed in the same process.

Luxury Bedroom Design by Abhijit Ray

We at Estate Lookup Interiors first sketch the possibility of a space as per requirement on drawing board which is understood & visualized by the designer and decorators easily causes that is their regular practice, but clients who opt for making their place beautiful also needs to understand the diagram where 3-dimensional computer drawing comes in picture. 3D designs are crafted based on the sketch of the interior designer’s portray on paper with verbal advice on the texture, colour and details.

Kid’s Room: Children have vivid imagination and creativity sprouting in their minds all the time which with time in us elders gets diminished with the social responsibilities and social bindings to think out of the box. When chalking out to design a kid’s room we need to shift our consciousness to that part and age or you can say being in their shoes. What the child want to become, favorite cartoon characters etc. takes our imagination to the vivid Wonderland. First you need to be good friend of the child and understand the design necessity in the form of imagination as a kid and matching that with the design necessity as a parent to give the child a better environment to move, play, or do whatever they feel happy about maintaining the safety measure like bunkbed to be designed in such a way that the unit is safe, no sharp edges, the materials used in the décor is non toxic, etc.

Kids love colours like Pink, Red, Light Blue, Sahara Yellow, etc. or any wallpaper or wall paint depicting their favorite Cartoon Characters, Animals, Vehicles or Fairy Tale Characters.

Q: How important customization is in Interior designing as people often think that hiring a designer is an expensive task.

Answer: When you buy/rent a place for residence/business, we know that involves lots of investment but getting that place designed, customized to your area, corners and coves are also important. In the market nowadays many Chinese imported furniture is sold which doesn’t guarantee a long life and perfect fit for your room layout. That is where interior designers come aboard with their varied skills to get your property look perfect and match your requirements. If you are spending that much in property and furniture sold at a hefty price but don’t stand out in quality and doesn’t go with your personal layout, why not hiring an interior designer for the purpose may be?

Office Space Design by Abhijit Ray

Even the customized furniture is made with great detailing, keeping in aspect of the theme and assured good years of longevity if done by a skilled interior decoration team. If you calculate the material used when doing customized interior decoration as mapped by an interior designer with its quality and placement versus the MDF factory-made furniture from China you will get your answers straight.

Q: How important do you think interior designing will be in real estate sector especially when all cities including metro have redevelopment plans upcoming up? Also, do you think it is better to get a property check for vastu-compliancy while buying or is it ok to remodel it after purchasing?

Answer: Interior Designing & Decoration is a part of the real estate sector and was always there. It’s not just how the developer’s architects have intelligently designed a civil structure and the individual units within it but how to decorate it perfect to have the feeling of harmony and bliss in every corner of the premises. When you are buying a property consult an enlightened Vastu practitioner in their respective field, maybe the vastu practitioner don’t come in a religious robe/outfit but in regular daily wear but the emphasis should be provided on the knowledge and skill the person reflects. After all knowledge and skill topples the most expensive suit and covers.

Living Room Design by Abhijit Ray

Q: What are the key things you would like to advice for aspiring homebuyers across the country? 

Answer: An aspiring homebuyer must follow these important points:

Dining Room Design by Abhijit Ray

  •  Check the property location
  • Visit the property physically and check the built quality and layout(If you need to take a civil consultant, engineer do that)
  • If you like a property, verify its documents.
  • Ask the developer when exactly they will get possession, also try to find the developer’s reputation whether a well-known developer or a small local developer. Though with the regulatory board by the Government nowadays regulations have been set to manage the grim problems of the industry.
  • If buying land for your house, bungalow or row house verify the documents. Also, do check whether there is any local nuisance or litigation.
  • Last and not the least keep a decent budget as per your earning for interiors which is around 18% of property value till goes up few times of the valuation of the property. Plan it beforehand. For example, few individual/property owners get their property designed and decorated at Rs.8 lakhs and few for in crores which is a few times the actual value of the property. The interior designer is there for customizing your décor based on your design and budget cap too. Follow your own concept and don’t follow few designs that are visible in photo sharing portals which surely looks marvelous but to get that same aesthetics you may need to spend a good amount on procuring the materials to be used in getting the replication.