Richa Singh and Preeti VenugopalConsulting an interior designer to style your space is not a big-budget task always as the option of customization is always there. So, know about how interior designers can make a difference to the regular looking space as we here bring an exclusive interview of Richa Singh –the Founder and Chief Designer and Preeti Venugopal – the Principal designer of Kuvio Studio, Bengaluru.

Q: What is the difference between designing a Budget Home and a regular Residential project?

The Design for a budget home is primarily focused around basic requirements with functionality at its core. Key aspects or principles while designing a budget home would be ensuring basic ergonomic standards are met, functional needs such as storage, light, and usability for a wide range of users is considered. Materials and finishes that fit the budget are selected. Glamour quotient takes a back seat in the designs of these homes although aesthetics are not completely ignored.

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A regular residential home, on the other hand, has a more elaborate design process. The allure and mystique is part of the product. These homes are tailor-made to fit that specific users’ needs. We customize every element from fixed furniture to loose furniture and soft furnishings. The clients’ specific requirements are met and aesthetics are given an equal weightage in the overall design process.

Q: How important it is to choose a Perfect Colour Palette and what are the elements to consider while choosing it?

We spend a lot of time on our mood-boards and a perfect colour palette is an integral part of that. This process is done considering the clients’ background, tastes and likes. Another important factor in this process of design is creating a colour palette that is relevant to the overall context of the home and the client’s lifestyle. Elements such as light, the architectural language and cultural context are also important elements that we consider while creating mood-boards and colour palettes. However, I have seen this version of perfection continuously evolving as other elements like textures and patterns come into play.

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Q: How 3D Visualization bought change in Interior Designing business?

Oh yes! 3D visualization has transformed the industry. Clients definitely have a much better understanding of the designs with 3D visualization. The designers too are confident to proceed with implementation of these designs now that the clients know what the final product is going to look like. The concepts are more tangible for clients and vendors alike.

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Q: What is Sustainable Interior Design and how it is different from the Regular Interior Designing?

Sustainable Design practice, we believe, is something that is the responsibility of every designer. It is important to consider the kinds of materials we use, where we source them from, whether they are ecologically relevant and viable to use in the particular geographical context. Regular Interior Designing does not necessarily consider the ecological footprint created during the design and execution process.

Q: Do people ask for customization at their place and what are the currently trending Themes?

Almost all clients ask for customization, especially in the Residential Interior Sector. We customize to meet each individual client’s needs and taste. The themes tend to vary from client to client, however, we have a lot of clients’ requesting contemporary designs that are easy to use, and maintain. This year, we have noticed that botanical and floral patterns, bohemian to earthy artisan block prints are trending. Bright pops of colour with muted undertones are another trend that we see today.

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Apart from these, we also customize children’s rooms as per each client’s requirements. We customize bunk beds, trundle beds, daybeds and fun elements such as mezzanines with reading nooks to create whimsical experiences.

Q: How important it is to focus on Greenery as people prefer having an Eco-friendly home and Workplace nowadays?

We strongly believe that greenery is a very important element to introduce in homes and workplaces as well. The benefits of greenery are multitudinous. Green plants increase the amount of oxygen indoors, with our current lifestyle in metro cities in India, this is something that we need more of. Green plants in workspaces create a sense of calmness and serenity, helping create a more productive work environment. Interior design is primarily about creating the ideal experience in a particular space, greenery definitely adds a lot of value to this.

Q: How Client’s Suggestions are important for Interior Designing of any project?

This is a good question as client suggestions and involvement varies from client to client. As designers, it is important for us to accurately understand the clients’ taste and requirements and then implement these into our designs. It is equally important for clients to trust our understanding of their needs and our expertise and allow us to design with a free hand.

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Q: Tell us about your Best Projects

Our best projects have been projects where we’ve gotten complete flexibility to design. We’re currently working on a vernacular project that we are extremely excited about! Apart from that, workspace projects with an industrial theme, homes with a black and white theme have been lots of fun to work on! We love playing with natural light, colours, patterns, textures and materials. Each new project that we start excites us and we’re constantly exploring new materials to work with for our designs.