Priyanka Chopra
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The former Miss World and ace-Indian actress Priyanka Chopra make people go crazy for her. That’s not all, as her acting and singing talent turned the heads of many in Hollywood which resulted in Pee Cee’s entry into English movies and television series.

With her career rising high in the west, the Aitraaz girl of Indian cinema decided to buy a second home in the spectacular location of Beverly Hills, California, USA. The actress spent most of her time here and thus this Vacation home is no less than a paradise for living.

  1. Capacious Living Room –

The Quantico-actress gave a modern yet contemporary look to the place as she made use of black and white colors to decorate her home. The tall and transparent glassed-walls of the room offer scenic beauty of the lawn which is covered with exotic green plants.

Capacious Living Room Beverly Hills
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  1. Swimming Pool Amid Nature –

The Badmaash Babli of Bollywood love to enjoy exotic life and thus she has an outdoor swimming pool that is surrounded by the beautiful mother nature. The chirping of birds and the blow of fresh air enhance the look of the place.

Swimming Pool Amid Nature Priyanka Chopra
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  1. Dining Area with Modern Touch

The wide-glass walls, rug weaved with a premium fabric, wooden dining table and a off-white chandelier hanging in this area offers an exquisite look to the place. Also, the greenery all around the room and the sitting arrangement in the balcony make this vacation home a luxury place for living.

Dining Area with Modern Touch Beverly Hills
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  1. Priyanka Chopra at Her Home

The stunning interior design and prime location of Priyanka Chopra’s home in Beverly Hills cost around $ 1350 per night if rented. This celebrity home has four bedrooms with attached four washrooms, kitchen installed with latest kitchen gadgets, living room and open space.

Priyanka Chopra at Her Home
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  1. Witness Beauty of Nature from Every Corner

The spectacular bathroom design and the windows here enhance the look luxury home. The marble-finish in this wet zone gives washroom a sparkling finish.

Priyanka Chopra Home Witness Beauty of Nature from Every Corner
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  1. Modern Kitchen

The actress has a complete modular kitchen with wooden furnish at home. Also, the heightened-sitting area with a couple of chairs in the kitchen offers a stylish look.

Modern Kitchen
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  1. Master Bedroom

This celebrity home has a blend of modern and contemporary design. The long-standing mirror with low-heightened bed and a couch gives an opulent look to the room. Also, the matching bed linens and cushion covers enhance the overall look of the place.

Priyanka Chopra Vacation Home Master Bedroom
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