Alia Bhatt
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Alia Bhatt is the sweet little dimpled-girl of Bollywood who has become a star now. Thus, the Bhatt-girl has chosen to live separate. This 24-year old actress owes a 4BHK house in the plush locale of Mumbai. Interestingly, the actress has moved along with her sister Shaheen Bhatt.

Like any other celebrity, Alia Bhatt also decided to give her home a designer look. Hence, she took architect Richa Bahl onboard to redesign her space. Here is a speak-peek of Alia Bhatt’s newly designed home.

  1. Entrance Door – A Classic Old Welcome Entry

The entry door has witnessed a change in the past sometime. Usually, the apartment homes have a common styled entry. But, a celebrity home is the one that stands out from others. Thus, Alia Bhatt decided to give her welcome gate a New York float-style apartment look. The royal blue colored-paint on the entry gate of the living room makes energy run through her veins.

  1. Living Room – Breaking the Wall

This young actress bought a 4BHK apartment get it redesigned as a plush 3BHK house. The constant footfall of her styling team needs space to work. Thus, the Bhatt girl decided to spread out her living room arena so that the place won’t look like a chock one. Architect Richa Bahl created the exact same ambiance that Alia wanted for her place with painting the walls white. The wall paint goes well with a heighten book rack and Baithak-styled sitting arrangement.

  1. An American Styled-Kitchen

Both Alia and her sister Shaheen Bhatt are the all-time tea lovers. Thus, the Highway actress decided to screw up her kitchen space in an elegant manner. The compact look of her kitchen adds glitter to the apartment.

An American Styled-Kitchen
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  1. Styling Up Wardrobe

White, white all over the place. Alia Bhatt has painted her home white along with the white-colored shoe rack. This color enhances the way Alia places her stylish high-heels in line.

Styling Up Wardrobe
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  1. Wardrobe Space

The white outlined wooden partition frame creates space to hang clothing line while keeping Alia Bhatt’s shoe store in close connection.

Parting Space
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All these things make it a Celebrity home where the fragrance of elegance flows as air.