old saree craft home decor

Old saree craft home decor: Are you wondering how to use a Waste Saree for Decoration? FriendsSarees are an outfit that upgrades the closet of each woman. As we know now, it is the fashion era, and the saree kept in the wardrobe is considered old because it is the new fashion era. If, in this case, you are worried about what to do with the old saree, give it to another person or throw it out. 

In such a situation, we would like to advise you that even if old saris do not make space in your wardrobe, they can have their unique place in the house——- To give a beautiful look to the house. If you have a sari too, you are then decorating home with old sarees.

Old Saree Craft Home Decor House Hacks

So let us reveal to you how to use waste saree for decoration and the simple saree decoration on Wall. 


You will discover a ton of sorts of extravagant and architect doormats on the lookout. Be that as it may, you can make a decent run by sewing old sarees even at home on the off chance that you need them. Making a floor mat with Old Saree is additionally very simple. Creating a Floor mat with Old saree and the old saree craft further adds magnificence to make the house lovely. 

Royal Bedsheet 

old saree craft home decor
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Decorating home with old sarees, that too in a deficient spending plan, Unfathomable as this sounds? Companions! Set up a Royal Bedsheet with the assistance of old ​​sarees. In addition, extravagant bed shades can go over the bed. Trust it; it changes the look and feels of your whole room. Old saris help decorate the house, so remember to Decorating the Home with old sarees, that too as cushions, table fabrics, and so forth. 

Cushion Covers 

old saree craft home decor
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Can use Cushions in every single ton of space in the house. We use pillows all over the bedroom, living room, and children’s room, etc. So why not give a new look to the pillow cover. With our beautiful old saris, we can provide a beautiful pattern and colour to the pillow, which will also look great. It adds some new shadings to the whole room. 

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old saree craft home decor
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A smart thought to decorate the house in a spending plan is to make old saree curtains. To make old saree curtains significantly more inventive, you should blend two three kinds of sarees and use them as a screen. Old saree curtains will add numerous tones to the room. You will appreciate an alternate method of decorating the house with your hand.

Table Clothes 

old saree craft home decor
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Another tremendous and genuinely simple use of your old saree is to make pretty table covers out of them. Be it a kitty party or a family get-together, and your table should look stunning. Just cut an old weaved saree and spread it over the supper table, and be set up to be showered with praises. With these old saris, you can make delightful table materials and decorate your home with old sarees. 

Wall Decor 

You probably wore the saree up until this point; however, now it is the turn of your walls to see it rippled. Can decorate simple saree decorations on Wall in bunches of forms. You can put great artwork on the wall to decorate the house, or even use a simple saree decoration on Wall to cover it uniquely. You can make new bits of home-style, craft new dresses from old sarees, or make assistants go with your new outfit. 


Sarees can be used in such a manner to decorate the house, which you can’t consider. One such strategy is the lampshade. You can make a lampshade from an old sari to give it another look. 

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Final Words

These old saree craft thoughts on ‘how to use waste saree for decoration‘ can get your innovativeness streaming, other than assisting you with making functional embellishments. All you need is a brief period, a ton of tolerance, and a closet to strike. Prepare and decorating home with old sarees!