drone regulations policy
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Good news for the Indian real estate market as the new drone regulations policy by DGCA is all set to change the landscape of the sector from December onwards. The new regulations which will come into effect from December 1 will allow 3-D mapping of properties. Industry experts say that Drone Regulations 1.0 will boost transparency and accountability in the property market.

According to a recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) India, the use of drones for property mapping is becoming prominent in recent times, since it is easier to draw 3-dimensional maps of buildings providing details such a built-up area and number of floors.

It further said, “The 3D mapping is helping to form a more realistic documentation of the properties in the cities, bringing in more accountability and transparency.”

As per the new norms, drones were only permitted to operate only within sight and during the day, with a maximum altitude of 400 ft. Also, small drones in the nano category, weighing less than or equal to 250 gm and operating below 50 ft, as well as those in the micro category, weighing between 250 gm and 2 kg and operating below 200 ft, do not need registration.

“Real estate has always been a cut-throat competitive market, hence aerial photography and videography becomes a useful medium to represent a property effectively for providing a larger than life perspective.” Industry expert added.

Welcoming the move, real estate developers said that for us drone images and videos can be a very powerful tool for marketing. Drone video footage can provide dramatic views of the entire property. It will also help us in gaining people’s attention and get them to spend more time looking at the property.

In recent times, technology has seeped into the realty marketing and with these new regulations; Indian real estate market will definitely show more positive developments in near future.