Microsoft Launches Its New Taj Mahal Inspired India Development Center in Noida

India Development Center in Noida

The tech giant Microsoft has launched its new engineering hub, India Development Center in Noida to serve as a source for driving cutting-edge engineering and innovation. The architecture of IDC is inspired by one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. The facility is their third development center in India after Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Microsoft IDC is one of the largest R&D centers, which houses three technology groups and core engineering services, driving some of the most impactful and innovative work happening across Microsoft.

The All-New Workspace Of Art at India Development Center in Noida

The modern workspace is established as the company’s guiding principle and IDC’s vision of being a source of innovation for the next billion users in Enterprise, business and productivity tools, AI, Core services, and its new Gaming division. Microsoft’s architecture of IDC is inspired by none other than the magnificent Taj Mahal and features intricate artwork by the local artisans and graphics inspired by the rich cultural heritage.

What makes the workspace stands apart from the regular workspaces is its ivory white architecture punctuated with some jaali work, the splendid marble inlays, vaulted doorways, and marble domes; the workspace is an amalgamation of Microsoft’s fresh technologies and the material sourced locally that is definitely hard to miss.  The company said it is a tribute to its historical and rich craftsmanship.

 “I feel the team overdid themselves, and the newly opened India Development Center in Noida is one of the most beautiful Microsoft workspaces we have designed to date,” Riku Pentikäinen, the Regional Director, Asia Real Estates Operations, Microsoft, said.

Spanning across 90,000 sq ft in Noida, a satellite town of India’s capital New Delhi, Microsoft’s new workspace has been created to keep in mind the consumption of energy and water to decrease the carbon footprint. The newly built facility is LEED platinum rated, which means the building caters to the highest sustainability standards of construction and operation, mentioned in a company’s statement.

Lastly, Rajiv Kumar, the Managing Director at Microsoft India Research and Development, said that the recently build India Development Center in Noidarepresents an expansion of world-class technology talent. He also mentioned that he is hopeful digital modification to set off new ways to innovate. With the new workspace opening by tech giant Microsoft, it will shape India’s IT industry.

Besides, “Our architectural tribute to the iconic Taj Mahal was made with constant considerations to meet our deep commitment to sustainability and support for local artisans and materials.” he said.

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Overall, it will be amazing to see a bygone eras tribute, yet contemporary, comprising of all the latest technologies.