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The Commissioner of Town and Country Planning has issued directive while giving his approval for the illegal plots in the wake of unearthing violations by the officials to regularize unapproved layout scheme.

Rajesh Lakhoni, Commissioner of town and country planning said that an inspection by field officers at Vellore in the mid-week of March found that officials have violated rules and norms of the amnesty scheme while giving approval to sold out framework (SPF) and in-principle clearance.

Also, the normal building plan and layout approval cannot be inspected as they may have multiple flaws.

He also said that under the layout, no adjacent land either poromboke/government channel or other pattadhar’s land is included. The Combined Field Measurement Book (FMB) should be prepared prior sanctioning the in-principle clearance for the layout.

An inspection should be carried out by the office for the complete layout or an inspection report should be obtained from the concerned local body before clearing SPF [Sold out Framework].

For in-principle sanction, the records should be kept for verification of the SPF.

The Commissioner also said that the roads in the part of the area need to be rectified to abide by the laws when an unsold plots form a separate part within the layout. He also added that the department is planning a one-day training programme on the procedures of unapproved layout plots scheme for selected staff in every field office.

The layout must be cleared speedily while the power has been delegated to clear layouts of unsold plots below 1 lakh square feet.