illegal Structures
Img : hindustantimes

GNIDA i.e the Greater Noida Authority figured out more than 1,450 illegal buildings in Shahberi village in the recently conducted survey. The Google Earth images revealed that all these establishments were developed between 2014 and 2018, the officials said.

According to the survey, out of the 1,453 unauthorized buildings in Shahberi 426 are residential structures with three or more floors in the builder apartments.  Also, there are 1,022 buildings with ground plus two floors that are likely to be the part of builder apartments or have been developed for personal use.

Apart from these, there are five commercial buildings that have shops of daily needs, garments, photocopy and medicines, the survey report shows.

Narendra Bhooshan, the CEO of Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) said that all these structures are illegal and unsafe. Hence we will bring them down and the demolition drive will commence by bringing down these five commercial buildings.

He further said that all the residents are asked to stay alert as the authority don’t have an exact idea of the structural strength of these buildings.

The officials also said that the Google Earth images showed that the maximum buildings are developed after 2014 and have been built over a period of four years.

The survey also found the reasons for the twin building collapse that took place last year in which nine people lost their life. The mishap unveiled the unauthorized construction and sale of such properties in the area even after the court order ban on such practice in 2014.

The residents of Shahberi said that they are approaching the Greater Noida Authority to come up with a solution and also sent notice to the banks for sanctioning housing loans to them.