Parking Space
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Finally, Noida will get ample parking space by the year-end. The Noida authority officials informed that the construction work of three underground parking lots will be completed by the year-end and this will offer parking space to over 1,300 cars.

One of the senior officials also said that these multi-level parking lots are being constructed at Sector 1,2 and 3. A cost of Rs. 141.23 crore is spent to resolve the traffic congestion that is caused in the city due to vehicles roadside parking.

Rajeev Tyagi, General Manager, Noida authority said that Rs. 47.26 crores is incurred to construct the parking lot in Sector 1 and this will provide parking space for 534 cars in the area of 17,160 sq metres. He also informed that this will parking lot will be completed by December-end.

Continuing further he said that similarly the work construction of parking lot at sector 2 is estimated to cost Rs 61.82 crore and will provide car parking for 565 cars in an area of 18,273 sq metres. The construction for the same is likely to be completed by October-end he said.

Rajeev Tyagi, General Manager, Noida authority further informed about the parking lot that is under construction at sector 3. This parking lot has a capacity to park 262 cars in an area of 11,370 sq metres. A cost of Rs. 32.15 crore is spent to construct this parking lot and the work on the same will be completed by June-end he said.

In total, 1361 cars can be parked in all the three lots by the year end.