Open Spaces
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The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation recently informed that the developers now have the option construct public parking spaces beneath private plots that are reserved for open spaces under the city’s new development plan. The developers will get more construction rights on that particular portion of the plot.

The new policy will be tabled in front of the civic improvements committee this week for discussion. As per the sources, the new plan will work as an advantage for the developers in plush localities and the areas near railway and Metro stations. One of the senior officials justified the new policy and said that this will create more parking spaces near both present and proposed stations.

The Civic engineers said that the construction of underground parking is costly and the developers deal only in the expensive localities that have high property prices.

As a part of the accommodation-reservation scheme under the new development control regulation (DCR-2034), the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation give developers the permission to develop a building on 30% of a plot after using its developable potential and give back the remaining 70% to the BMC as public open space.

In order to make the plan more attractive for the developers, the BMC also added a new feature to the scheme by offering the developers extra FSI-TDR (transfer of development rights) to construct up to two floors of underground parking beneath the open space.

The developers can also use the extra FSI-TDR to add more floors in the building.

The BMC is expecting that the developers will go for the scheme as they will get more open space close to their buildings which will attract the home buyers and will make the developers get more prices for their flats.

However, one of the engineers said that the developers might choose the scheme only in selected areas. “In these areas, the developers can make use of this scheme and avail more FSI to develop additional flats to make profit and to recover the construction cost of the underground parking.

The BMC officials said that a parking authority is being formed to look after the request prior before making the parking proposal sanctioned. The authority will also check that the developer has kept a proper garden on the ground above the parking area by using particular soil-sand layers of adequate depth to allow for the planting of trees.

The new development Control rules has the provision of underground public parking under existing gardens and grounds in the BMC’s jurisdiction and also excludes prominent open spaces like the Oval and Cross Maidans.