Projects in Mumbai
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The recently formed Development Control and Promotion Rules (DCR-2034) is a major boost to slum rehabilitation schemes. The final draft for the Mumbai city’s development included multiple amendments that will prove beneficial to the slum development and these amendments took place after the slum authority chief raised objections to multiple regulations in the draft DCR-2034.

The biggest thing in the final draft of DCR-2034 is the cut down in the required percentage of consent for the builders for a project. Earlier, the consent percentage was 70 and now the same is 51%.

In the recent draft, the minimum space between two SRA buildings is reduced in DCR. The new DCR is released this week only. The policy has few more changes which include slum dwellers as they will now get 300-sq.ft. homes instead of the earlier 269 sq.ft.

Deepak Kapoor, SRA CEO wrote a letter to Nitin Kareer, principal secretary, Urban Development Department, and raised objections on nearly six regulations. The state government has accepted all the suggestions given by Deepak kapoor. He then said that the government has approved our request to decrease the density of slums from 650 per net hectare to 500.

According to the SRA officials, in the draft DCR the slum dwellers are barred from moving anywhere beyond the existing or adjoining civic ward for rehabilitation boundary. The slum dwellers are now allowed to shift anywhere in the same location according to the new DCR.

 A developer said that we are already making payments for different premiums and taxes. He also said that they have to bear the cost of the rehab or the sale component and this is going to hit them seriously.