Housing Societies
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Recently, the Maharashtra State Government issued an ordinance and allowed the Co-operative housing societies also known as CHS to conduct elections even if they have members less than 250. This annual general meeting can he held within the society in every five years.

Prior to this, the State Government sanctioned these societies to hold elections only if they have 200 or less members. The housing societies also got relief in regard with the fines.

Earlier, the societies were liable to submit a fine of Rs. 25,000 in case they fail to submit audit accounts and other compulsory documents to the state cooperatives department in the given time frame.

However, this penalty is reduced to between Rs. 500 and 5,000.

The introduction of amendments is also done to the Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies Act, I960. The State Government adopted provisions to elevate the accountability of managing committee members.

Bhaskar Mhatre, Secretary, Housing Society Federation (Navi Mumbai) said that the State Government also brought in an associate members’ concept under this ordinance. The Associate members can take part in various activities of the society but they don’t have the right to vote.

In 2013, the Congress-NCP led State Government made changes in the election process of the Co-operative Housing societies.

The Maharashtra State Cooperative Election Authority was given the control of the elections of Co-operative Housing Societies.

Earlier this month, The BJP-led Maharashtra State Government is going to conduct the biggest ever land survey in modern India and the drones will be used to carry out the task. The State Government took this decision as they aim to offer ownership rights to nearly 15 million rural households an official said.