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The BJP-led Maharashtra State Government is going to conduct the biggest ever land survey in modern India and the drones will be used to carry out the task. The State Government took this decision as they aim to offer ownership rights to nearly 15 million rural households an official said.

S.Chockalingam, director of land records in Maharashtra said that a more than a dozen of drones installed with high-resolution cameras will survey the residential areas of 40,000 villages in the state from 1st June.

He further informed that it will take three years’ time for the completion of this survey.

The director also informed that the villagers have no property ownership on the land they live even though they are paying the property tax on time. The villagers don’t have property titles, because there has been no survey.

While attending a conference S. Chockalingam said that this is going to be the biggest survey in modern India as it will offer security to the villagers.

He further said that in the time of British colonial era, only the agricultural land in the country was used to be surveyed and the residential areas measuring upto 0.5 sq km were considered to be the wasteland and hardly ever surveyed.

In India, the villages with over 2,000 residents were surveyed.

He further said that the State has completed the procedure to digitize nearly 270 million land records and the Government will have a better vision of idle land we have after carrying out the survey of villages. However, these villages don’t have future expansion as most of the people are moving to the cities in search of jobs.

He also added that any excess land will be kept reserved for the housing purpose.