Affordable Home Pune
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For the first time since the launch of Affordable housing scheme, the homebuyers can buy application forms for the purchase of flats in these societies from Government offices in Haryana.

HERA i.e. Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority took this decision as the authority received complaints related to foul play during the allotment of flats under the scheme.

Till now, the prospects had to buy application form from the developer’s office to purchase a flat under the affordable housing scheme. Many homebuyers’ lodged complaints against builders to seek the sale of form as an opportunity to be the controller of forms sale, for acting as influencer against the premium amount and also for allotting flats to their known people and all this leave the genuine homebuyer disappointed.

KK Khandelwal, chairman HRERA took notice of all these complaints and ordered the senior town planner to curtail irregularities in the scheme. He also directed the planner to take penal action against the developers for violating rules and conditions of license.

HRERA chairman was quoted saying that it was bought to our notice that foul play is being carried out at a large scale by some developers/promoters in affordable housing and this includes charging of handsome premiums scaling around Rs 2.5 lakh per application, to confirm a dwelling unit under the affordable housing. All this become possible because the promoter issue same number of application forms that resemble with the number of units available and this confirm the unit of the applicant as he/she pay the amount of premium.

The Chairman also said that the aim of affordable housing scheme is harmed if the form is made available to anyone other than the applicant. Hence, the form should only be made available in the designated Government offices, including the office of DTCP deputy commissioner as it will bring in more transparency.

The HRERA authority also found that the application fee was costed much higher than the actual price. According to the rules, the form should not be costed more than Rs. 1,000.

The authority also said that there is no closing date for the applications under the affordable housing scheme and the applications are accepted till the date when the draw is scheduled. The authority also suggested the addition of closing date in case the applicants are lesser in comparison to the available units. This will prove helpful to make the second advertisement live to confirm that the remaining units are not sold at premium rates.

The authority also ordered the senior town planner to make sure that the developers can’t charge EDC [external development charges] and IDC [internal development charges] under the affordable housing scheme.