PGs and Guesthouses
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Under the Haryana Municipal Corporation Act 1994, approximately 20 paying guest accommodations [PGs] have registered themselves with the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram.

The process to register commercial properties such as PG accommodations begin last week where the property owner has to submit an application form filled with all necessary details along with a fee of Rs. 1,000 per bed.

Ashish Singhla is the additional medical officer appointed by the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram to tackle the registration procedure.

Singhla said that we have commenced the procedure and application forms are available at the office of Municipal Corporation and also the citizen facilitation centre.

The MCG i.e. Municipal Corporation of Gurugram is hopeful to generate substantial revenue for the civic body as there are thousands of such properties in the city. According to the sources, in the DLF city only there are PGs ranging between 500-1500.

The increase in crime incidents is the main reason for getting PGs registered in the city as these locations were being spotted as the easy target to commit crime. A year ago, the Chief Minister office received several complaints against guesthouses and PGs in the residential areas.

The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram was assigned the task to conduct a survey of guesthouses in all four zones falling under its jurisdiction and a policy was also planned to be framed on the same to regularize properties and establishments like PGs and guesthouses.

The DTCP [Department for Town and Country Planning] was given the responsibility to draft a policy on the same and according to the sources a policy has been framed however it is waiting for the approval from the Government.