PMAY Homes
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GDA i.e. the Ghaziabad Development Authority plans to roll out the possession of dwelling units under the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna from July 2020. The officials at the authority informed that 1,388 housing units have reached multiple stages of construction under the PMAY scheme and the State government gave private builders the target to build 36,000 dwelling units by 2021.

However, the biggest issue in the way to complete housing units is the delay in transferring the land use of plots.

Kanchan Verma, vice-chairperson, GDA said that there are 432 dwelling units in Dasna and 856 in the Madhuban Bapudham and all these flats are planned to be delivered July 2020. She further said that the development authority set the target to build approximately 36,000 dwelling units jointly with the private builders. However, the sanction of various DPR i.e. the detailed project report is held back but now we expect a fast pace of work as the model code of conduct is lifted.

In total there are nine pending DPRs out of which four are under the private builders and five are under the Ghaziabad Development Authority.

GDA Vice-Chairperson also said that they are hoping for the clearance of DPR for the projects that comprise of nearly 19,000 dwelling units. As per the rules, the land use of plot has to be changed from agriculture to residential prior to the start of project work and this change has to be carried out by the land management committee (LMC) to residential, especially for the projects undertaken by the development authority.

The Ghaziabad Development Authority is planning to build affordable houses in Koyal Enclave, Pratap Vihar, Masuri, Newari, Dasna, and Madhuban Bapudham. The State Government plans to increase the cost price from Rs 4.50 lakh to Rs 6.50 lakh. In case of getting sanction, the contribution of the Central and State Governments will remain unchanged but the beneficiary has to double his/her contribution from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh.