Solitair Kondapur
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Hyderabad has been a focal point for IT and ITES companies from around the country since the last two decades. And it is still in the phase of gaining traction due to its robust infrastructure, uninterrupted power and water supply, outstanding road-network and the upcoming development of industrial corridors.

Hitec City and Gachibowli, the famous IT corridors of the city are the hotspots for investment by companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Infosys, Dell and Wipro and these locations will remain the most sought-after spots for IT companies further in the years to come. This has led to direct growth also in their adjoining areas such as Kondapur and Nanakramguda.

Proximity with IT Corridors

Kondapur is in close proximity with Hitec City at a distance of 5 km while Gachibowli is at a distance of merely 6 km. It takes around 15 to 20 minutes to reach both these prime commercial business districts. The international airport at Shamshabad is approx. 38 km away and can be reached in 50 minutes via Nehru Outer Ring Road (ORR). Secunderabad railway station is 22 km away and can be reached in an hour.

Nanakramguda is at a stretch of 8.6 km from Hitec City and Gachibowli is just 4 away. It takes 24 minutes to reach Hitec City and 12 minutes of drive to reach Gachibowli. To reach International airport one can take the fastest route of Nehru ORR of 35 minutes. Secunderabad railway station can be reached in an hour through Shankarpally road.


Property rates at Kondapur range from Rs 3800 to Rs 5700 per sq ft. Units with 2BHK configuration of area 1100 -1300 sq ft are available at approximately Rs 63 lakh. 3BHK units of 1300-1700 sq ft area are available in the range of Rs 55 lakh to Rs 90 lakh. Independent house with 4BHK configuration with 3000 sq ft area can be bought for Rs 2 Cr.

Western Exotica, Aparna Serene Park, Sileversand Cyberdyne and Apuruap Urban Kondapur are some of the featured names of developers in Kondapur.

Prices at Nanakramguda are comparatively lesser than prices at Kondapur. 2BHK Apartments demand capital value of Rs 50 lakh to Rs 72 lakh. 3BHK units are available within the range of Rs 74 lakh to Rs 90 lakh, though per sq ft rate varies from Rs 3700 to Rs 5500. Depending on the locality, area in sq ft and the number of facilities provided by the builder, rates tend to increase or decrease. A villa of 4BHK configuration can be bought approximately Rs 1.5 Cr.

Some of the known developers at Nanakramguda are Pacifica HillCrest, Lansum Etania, Sri Sai Gayatri Towers and Space Station Township.

Nanakramguda as well as Kondapur, both the locations share close proximity with IT corridors and property rates are more or less the same. Upcoming developments of industrial corridors will increase the demand significantly. So there is hardly any reason left for not investing in the western quadrant of Hyderabad.