Hyderabad Development Authority
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The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority [HDMA] planned to introduce the Land Pooling Schemes under its jurisdiction. While following the pattern of this scheme from Gujarat and Navi Mumbai the HDMA is likely to implement this scheme in 10,000 acres in the next one year.

Under the Land Pooling Scheme, the landowners will get a handsome value of their land parcel in case they approach and offer land to the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority and the authority act as the facilitator to develop the land according to the layout rules while dedicating portions to urban infrastructure such as roads, parks and open spaces to the land losers.

While considering the success of Uppal Bhagat area near Nagole Metro depot, the HDMA wishes to take up the Land Pooling Scheme in a bigger aspect. In Uppal Bhagat, nearly 700 acres of land was developed after being taken from the farmers. In return, the landowners received 1,000 sq yards of developed land for each acre of the land that they lost in the development.

In the recently organized auction of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority plots in the layout yielded good revenue as the authority was having a shortage of funds.

One of the planning officials said that the HMDA has invited expression of interest (EOI) from the farmers and landowners for being the part of land pooling schemes. A minimum of 50 acres land is required for the LPS and it should be a dispute-free land.

The official further said that there are multiple benefits of implementing the Land pooling Scheme.  It will mainly bring down the number of illegal layouts and will also check for haphazard growth of the city. After this, the layouts will be developed in accordance to the rules.

In 2017, the municipal administration department issued some guidelines for the implementation of the Land Pooling Scheme [LPS] and there are provisions under the HMDA Act to take up this scheme. However, the authority took no efforts to implement the same scheme.