how to remove vastu dosh from home
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How To Remove Vastu Dosh From Home ?

Are you facing a lot of troubles after you shifted to your new home? You would be surprised to know that some specific Vastu Dosh homes can create a lot of family problems. Moreover, even due to Vastu Dosh home, you can experience an excessive financial crisis for a longer period as well.

Although, there is an ultimate way to visit a specialist, Vastu Tantrik, to get vastu dosh remedies for home. But visiting a Vastu Tantrik can cost you a hefty amount. Apart from that, the processes can involve a massive structural change in your home as well. But what if you can get readily available vastu dosh remedies for home without spending a lot? Fairly interesting, right? Here in this article, you will get free vastu tips for home so that you can get rid of every problem in your home easily. So, let’s check out how to remove vastu dosh from home with some effective vastu shastra tips for home!

Vastu Dosh Remedies For Home: #1: Sea Salt

According to the basic vastu shastra for home, sea salt is one of the best remedies for eliminating almost every type of vastu dosh in a home. The presence of negative vibes in your home can cause severe problems to your family. Sea salt works best in captivating the entire negative energy from your home. You can put a chunk of sea salt in a small bowl and can place it to a table in your living room. However, putting the small bowl with a chunk of sea salt can protect your house from negative energy as per vastu shastra.

Vastu Dosh Remedies For Home: #2: Horseshoe

Another effective remedy is a horseshoe with which you can remove vastu dosh in your home. Along with eliminating the vastu dosh, if you wish to get a lot of wealth and good luck, the horseshoe is one of the most appropriate things to use. As per the vastu shastra tips for home, you must pin the horseshoe in the main entrance of your home to get the best result. Upon hanging the horseshoe, it will attract positive energy to come and let them enter into your home. However, you must avoid pinning the horseshoe in an upturned manner; else, it will indulge the negative energy to let into your home.

Vastu Dosh Remedies For Home: #3: Mirrors

According to the Vastu sastra, placing mirrors in the home reduces the negative energy. It enables positivity to enter the home. However, the proper placement of the mirrors is mandatory to get the best result. 

Additionally, while placing the mirrors in your home, you must take care of the two important conditions. First, you can’t place a mirror to the opposite side of your main entrance. Second, while placing a mirror in your bedroom, make sure that the mirror in the bedroom doesn’t reflect your bed in any manner. Suppose you strictly follow these two conditions while placing the mirrors. In that case, you’ll be able to remove vastu dosh home effortlessly.

Vastu Dosh Remedies For Home: #4: Photos Of Deity

Do you know that as per the free vastu tips for home, you can get rid of all vastu dosh if you decorate your house as per vastu shastra? If you know the basic vastu shastra for home, the front wall inside the main entrance has a lot of importance for the wellness of your home. You should place a photo of a deity in front of your main entrance. You can’t leave that place empty according to free vastu tips for home. If you leave that place empty, you could face a worse financial crisis in your home.

 Vastu Dosh Remedies For Home: #5: Wind Chimes

You can’t deny that the wind chimes can be seen almost in every house. This is the reason most people think that the wind chimes are for decorating purposes only. However, according to the free vastu tips for home, wind chimes are truly effective for vastu dosh remedies for home. If you hang them in front of the main entrance, they can reduce the problems and let happiness come into your home. This is extremely helpful if you want house as per vastu Shastra.


Well, we hope that now you know how to remove vastu dosh from home effectively with vastu shastra tips for home. If you know the basic vastu shastra for home, you can place the things in your house as per vastu shastra. So, try decorating your home as per free vastu tips for home and stay happy forever!