pcmc property tax online payment
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PCMC Property Tax Online Payment

The Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation was established in 1982 to regulate the administration of the new industrial regions in Pune, Maharashtra. The corporation is also responsible for governing tax collection and development in the industrial towns of Pimpri, Chinchwad, Akurdi, and Bhosari. 

A number of multinational manufacturing companies are set up in the region. The increased demand for the workforce has lead to numerous residential properties being built, sold, and maintained in the area. To ease the tax payment process, the corporation has developed a digital solution to pay the PCMC property tax online

The PCMC India is a user-friendly site that serves as a portal for PCMC property tax payment.      

What is PCMC Property Tax? 

The PCMC property tax is a fundamental obligation on the citizens of the four suburb industrial regions in Pune. Individuals who own property in Pimpri, Chinchwad, Akurdi, and Bhosari must pay the tax. 

The PCMC property tax or Pimpri Chinchwad property tax is a major funding source for the Municipal Corporation. The areas are developing at a rapid pace. The collection of taxes is a crucial step in maintaining the infrastructure and public services in the regions.

The tax is imposed on residential and commercial buildings that are liable as per the state government standards. Additionally, vacant landowners are also expected to pay the property tax. There are specific guidelines provided for all property taxes to be calculated and collected.   

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How to Calculate the PCMC Property Tax Online? 

The PCMC online tax payment portal is available on the PCMC India site. The process of calculating the property tax is made quite accessible and fast with the in-built calculator. 

In a few simple steps, the user can calculate the Pimpri Chinchwad property tax online:

Step 1- Access the PCMC Property Tax-Self Assessment Portal.

Step 2- Select the zone and choose the suitable division- for a resident, an NRI, or commercial property.

Step 3- Fill in the required details- ‘sub-use type’, ‘construction type’, and ‘property area’. 

Step 4- Click on Calculate Property Tax. The detailed calculation will appear immediately. 

PCMC Online Tax Payment

The official PCMC site has a clear and simple interface that allows a smooth PCMC property tax payment process. 

Make the online payment by following these steps:

● Go to the PCMC India site. Click on the top menu and select ‘Resident’.

● Choose ‘Property Tax’, a pop-up will appear asking permission to visit an external website. Click Ok.

● Select the ‘Property Bill’ option on the left top corner. 

● On the redirected page, choose the suitable option to search your property information- ‘By Property Code’, ‘Search in Marathi’, ‘Search in English’, and ‘Back’. 

● Enter the zone number, Gat number, owner name, and address in the respective fields.

● Click on ‘Search’, and your property details and bill will appear on the screen.

● Go down and find the payment portal.

● Fill in your email id, mobile number, and choose the preferred payment option.

● Click on ‘Make the Payment’. 

As a confirmation, an e-receipt will be provided under the ‘Make Payment’ option given on the ‘property details page. If subjected to some technical issues, the receipt will be available within three working days. 

Using the PCMC portal to pay the PCMC property tax online is the safest alternative to the manual offline mode.

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Additional Guidelines on PCMC Property Tax Payment 

The PCMC provides a rebate on Pimpri Chinchwad property tax if paid before the 31st of May. The property must fall under the given conditions to benefit from discounts. 

1- Properties that are registered as residential buildings. Even if they are non-residential or vacant, plots can get a reduction in property tax. 

10% discount for properties with an annual estimated value up to Rs 25,000.

5% discount for properties with an annual estimated value above Rs 25,000.

2- Another category covers residential properties with installed projects such as vermiculture, rainwater harvesting, and solar. It can get a 5%-10% discount based on the number of such tasks.

There are various exemptions in the PCMC property tax. Places used for religious, agricultural, charitable, or educational purposes are exempted from property tax. Also, land used for burial and cremation or property related to heritage is not considered suitable for collecting taxes. Moreover, PCMC exempts residential properties with an expanse area less than 500 sq ft.  

The efficient process of PCMC online tax payment ensures better development and management of these industrial towns.