madurai corporation property tax online payment
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If you have recently started living in Madurai or planning to purchase a new living space there, you must know the information regarding Madurai corporation property tax. You might not be aware that apart from a single payment of stamp duty and registration charges, you must pay Madurai corporation property tax every year on time. So, today, here in this article, we will provide you with some important information regarding property taxes in Madurai. Let’s dig a little deep to explore more on this so that you won’t have to face any difficulties in paying Madurai property tax.

Madurai Property Tax Rate Differs Upon Circumstances

Well, before we proceed with the information on Madurai property tax, you must know that the rate of property tax can differ upon several factors. The factors are as follows;

  • The location of your personal property
  • The size of your personal property
  • If your property is ready or still under construction
  • The age of the sole property owner
  • The available facilities of the area where the property is located

Procedures of Making Tax Payments

Madurai corporation fixes some procedures for the property tax payers so that they can get a hassle-free experience. Below are the procedures you can check out for sure.

The first thing is that the property tax payers are having both the offline and online option for making payments. They can personally visit the revenue collection offices for making payments or they can opt for online payments as well.

Tax payers have to pay their tax twice in a financial year. Once in March and another in September. Now, in case, if they fail to pay their taxes on time, a flat penalty of monthly 1% shall be added along with the tax amount.

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Documents Required for Madurai Corporation Property Tax

In order to pay Madurai corporation property tax, tax payers need a few important documents. Below is the list of required documents you will be needed at the time of making payments of property taxes.

The current invoice of property tax

Owner’s photo identity proof

Owner’s address proof

The proper address of the property with proof

The Process of Madurai Corporation Property Tax Online Payment

If you have already decided to pay your Madurai Corporation Property Tax, below is the step-by-step guide for you so that you cannot face any difficulties during the online payment procedures.

Step 1 – In order to pay property tax Madurai Corporation Property Tax, first you need to open the official website of Madurai corporation from your web browser. However, if you do not have a personal computer, you can use your smartphone as well to pay taxes online. Here is the link to the official website;

Step 2 – Once you opened the official website, now you need to log in to the payment portal by using your credentials. If you are not a registered user, you need to register by putting in a few important details.

Step 3 – Now if you have already logged in to the website, you will get the online payment option for Madurai Corporation Property Tax. You need to click on it.

Step 4 – After clicking the online payment option, you will get two boxes where you need to put your old and new assessment numbers.

Step 5 – Now you will get to see every detail of your property against the assessment numbers you just entered. Please check every detail carefully. If you don’t find anything wrong, you can click on the submit button.

Step 6 – After clicking on the submit button, the page will be redirected. A new protected tab will open automatically for making payment of property taxes.

Step 7 – Now it’s your turn to choose the best available payment gateway for making payment of Madurai Corporation Property Tax.

Step 8 – Finally after a successful payment, you will get an e-receipt against your payment. You need to save that e-receipt as a further reference for your tax payment.

In Case If You Have to Make Offline Tax Payment

There is a probability that you have to make offline payment of Madurai Corporation Property Tax for some unavoidable circumstances. No worries. Still, you can have a hassle-free experience. But in order to make an offline payment, you must visit your nearest Madurai corporation revenue collection offices with the already mentioned documents. The tax collection officer will serve their best so that you can pay your Madurai Corporation Property Tax on time.


Well, we hope that now you are better ready to pay Madurai Corporation Property Tax. See, it is your responsibility to pay property taxes on time. The Madurai Corporation has taken a few great steps to serve you in a better way. The online portal of tax payment is an example of their best class service to the residents of Madurai. However, you are having both the option for making your property tax payment. But it is strongly recommended that you must go for online payment to pay your property taxes. It will save your time and can be an effective way amid the worldwide pandemic situation.