Extra Income via Property
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Purchasing a property involves a person’s lifetime savings, financial decisions and lot more. However, when you are in dire need of money, this property proves to be one of the most fruitful assets. With changing scenario, today there are many options available in the market to earn money from the property other than its dilution.

According to property experts, “Property taxes, utilities and Mortgage payments are many ways in which our homes cost us money. However, raising money from property has become a growing trend these days and is also known as ‘Passive income’.”  But before opting these ways, it is important to evaluate the demand-supply matrices and also keep a tap on the best option to earn additional income.

So, let’s take a look at some of the trending options to create money from your property:

Make your property rental/PG accommodations

If you live in an area where it’s legal, the best option is make its rental apartment or PG accommodation. It will not only give you good earning but also fix a monthly income too. On the other hand, if the property is located close to commercial hubs, educational institutes or colleges, then finding a tenant is not a problem. But before finalizing any deal, research on all the legal aspects as well as the legal background of the tenants. Prepare a proper rent agreement and consult the paying guest policy.

Give them for outdoor ads

Hoardings and banners are another best options to get an extra income. If your property is located in a market area or nearby expressway or highway, then you can get a lot of ads as these places help in attracting many consumers. Also, ad agencies pay handsome amount to the property owner.

Office space utilization

Your home can become the best source of money if you utilize it as office space. So, why pay rent for any other office space if your home is there? Convert an empty room into your workplace and start your operations from there. Also give prior information to your clients and banks about the new commercial set up. But keep in mind one thing, clear all the legal aspects and proper approvals from the surrounding authorities.

Photo-shoot/Documentary films

If your property has good interiors and exteriors like garden, and landscapes greens, then you can also invite agencies to shoot for ads. Media students and documentary producers always look for such spaces. You can earn good monthly rental as well as handsome daily income too which is usually much higher.

Parking space

Lots of people have many vehicles but they don’t have extra space in their homes to park them. They always look for year-round storage options. So if your property has enough space then why not make it a parking space and earn good monthly or yearly income. Take some good photos of your space for advertising purposes that will make your rental stand out from other spaces. If you have a large area you can use it for event parking at higher rates.


Homestays are the best and the most trending options which many property owners are opting these days. They are the perfect rental alternative where a part or the entire property can be rented out for a week or month. However, the amount varies as per the location of the property and facilities offered.