property tax Pune
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A property tax is an annual tax levied by local authorities for maintaining basic civic infrastructure. It is applicable to various residential, commercial, institutional and official establishments. Just like other cities, residents of Pune too have to pay property tax annually.

Continuing the series of our guide to pay property tax, today we will inform you about the procedure which a resident needs to follow in Pune:

How to calculate property tax in Pune?

In order to ease the property assessment process, Pune Municipal corporation has geo-tagged all the properties in the city using the Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. This technology will overall help PMC to quickly identify illegal properties as well as those defaulters who haven’t paid their property tax for last many years.

To calculate property tax easily, PMC also offers an online property tax calculator wherein you just have to fill up some details and your property tax will be generated instantaneously. All you need to put in some basic information like Location, Area, Usage, Type, Total plinth area and Construction year.

Modes of Payment of Property tax

Just like Kolkata, in Pune too one can pay their tax at citizen felicitation centers or at Municipal Corporation office.

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However, the best option which is most preferred is through an online system. Considered as a hassle-free option, you can avail a two percent rebate as well as avoid extra charges too.

All you have to do is to go on the online portal of Pune Municipal Corporation and select property tax. Fill in all the necessary details and submit. Once the submission is complete then you can choose the payment method which can be credit/debit card or internet banking. While some additional charges are levied on credit/ debit card payment, there are no charges when you pay through internet banking. Once you have paid, take the receipt of payment and keep it with you for future documentation. Ensure there must be no errors; if there is any then correct them instantaneously.