How to calculate and pay property tax in Gurugram
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A Property tax or a house tax is a local tax which is levied by municipal authorities for maintaining basic civic amenities in your area. This tax is to be paid to keep of civic facilities like roads, sewage system, and lighting. A property tax is paid by the legal owners of the property either annually or semi-annually. However, it differs across states, cities and even within zones of the same city.

With the advent of the digital medium, today one can easily pay their property tax online without standing in long queues. In our earlier blog, we have told you about the procedure to pay property tax online. Following the series, today we will guide on paying property tax in Gurugram:

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In Gurugram, a person has to deposit its property tax to Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG).

How to calculate your property tax?

In Gurugram, calculation of property tax is based on two factors- area and use of the property may be residential, commercial and non-commercial. However, this amount varies for an acquired residential property and vacant residential property. For example, if your house area is up to 300 sq yards then you have to pay Rs 1 per sq yard. Similarly, for property area between 301 to 500 sq yards, 501 to 1,000 sq yards, 1,001 sq yards to 2 acres and more than that one has to pay Rs 4, 6, 7 and 10 per sq yards respectively.

On the other hand, for a vacant residential property, property tax is exempted to 100 sq yards area. Above that one has to pay Rs 0.5 and 1 per sq yards for land area 101-500 yards and more than 501 yards respectively.

Rebate and Exemptions

While paying your property tax, one gets many rebates and exemptions as per their property eligibility. So here are few examples of that:

  • For owners of self-occupied residential houses, who are serving defence/paramilitary force personnel and ex-service/ex-paramilitary force personnel or his/her spouse, families of deceased soldiers/ex-servicemen/ex-central paramilitary forces personnel, provided they do not have any other residential property in the state of Haryana and are residing in the property themselves and have not let out any portion of the house are provided 100% rebate.
  • Owners of self-occupied residential houses, who are freedom fighters or his/her spouse and war widows are given 100% rebate.
  • Owners of vacant plots of 1 acre and above, that are used for horticulture/agriculture-100 % rebate.
  • Property owners, who clear their property tax dues within 45 days of notification of the rates, are given one time rebate of 30%.
  • Special rebate of 10 % to property owners who pay their total tax amount before July 31.

Modes of payment of property tax

Earlier property owners who have to pay their tax go to MCG’s Citizen Facilitation Centres and pay it manually. But it was a very tedious effort as one has to stand in long queue and wait for their turn. But with the government focusing more on a digital medium, now paying tax has become a hassle-free work as it can be done online through MCG website. All you have to do is enter your unique Property ID number or your name and address. Once you fill this, the amount of property tax to be paid is shown on your screen. You can make this payment through internet banking, or with your debit/credit card.

However, if you want to self-assess your property tax than a form is also provided to you in which you can mention for each type of property and accordingly your tax will be generated.