Best PG
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If you are young professional or a student who is relocating to a new city especially Delhi/ NCR in search of better job opportunities or higher studies, then finding a good PG or rental accommodation tops your list. A PG or rentals are the best and most preferred option when one needs to have a home away from home.

Many a time, after all the hobnobbing with real estate agents and brokers, you may not able to find the best option you are looking for. Especially in regions like Delhi/ NCR, it often becomes difficult to find right PG that suits as per your requirement. So here are some tips that will help you in finding the best PG:

To start with, while searching for any PG accommodation, it is important to be clear about the budget as well as the list of preferred areas. For example, if you are a student studying in Delhi universities north campus then Kamla Nagar, GTB area will suit you best. Shortlisting these two things in advance will simplify the entire search process.

Many a time, brokers charge you a lot to get the accommodation still they are not the type you are looking for. In order to solve this problem, many online portals like are there which envisage effortless and inexpensive means of finding a suitable property on rent using GPS technology. These websites allow a person to post in his / her requirements, hence bridging the gap between the PG owner and prospective tenant without asking for any brokerage and inaccurate rents.

Apart from the PG location, see if it is near to public transportation and has the facility of tiffin system or meals. Here if you are looking for an option through website service providers, then their associates are always there to help you right from finding a suitable PG to solving your queries related to rent agreements, landlords, roommates, amenities, food etc.

Portals like also provide reviews of each and every property listed with them. Also when you visit a particular PG, you can take their number of and ask for room conditions and possible challenges that they face there. Know about any prohibitions regarding late night arrivals, bringing friends over etc.

So stop struggling and become a champion at finding the best PG.