Homebuyers: Security Features While searching for a house, a lot of points are kept under consideration. Whether it is the locality or the neighbourhood or the budget each feature play a key role in finalising a home. However, a feature which can’t be overlooked is the security in and around the house.

These days while looking for a property most of the homebuyers prefer a locality that is not only secure but promises the safety of the family members especially kids and senior citizens. Hence, it is imperative to search and find the best as well as a secure home. Following are the security features which must be prioritized during property search:

Surrounding Locales

A safe and sound neighbourhood is very important especially when you are working and your kids and parents stay at home alone. So, whether you are searching property by your own or with the help of a property dealer, it’s important to do a thorough background check of the neighbours, the locality and the area. Avoid investing/purchasing in any such area which has a criminal history.

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24*7 Security

These days most of the home buyers prefer to invest in an apartment or villa which is inside a gated community. Reason being- these societies are equipped with 24*7 security systems like security guards at every entrance point, CCTV, restricted entry and much more. However, in case you purchase an independent home must hire a security guard and perform a legal background check beforehand.

Secured Gates, Doors, and Windows

Gates, doors and windows are the pathways to home. So, while looking for any home in any locality, check the quality and strength of doors, gates, and windows thoroughly. The doors and windows must be made up of steel to prevent any unwarranted intrusion. You can also install a ‘peephole’ with a fisheye lens on a door that allows the inside residents to check and see the person standing outside the home.

Fire Security Measures

With an increase in fire-related incidents in the societies, it is also an important security feature which should not be overlooked. Perhaps, this is the prime features that ensure a safe and fire-proof living environment. Check that the property or the housing project must have obtained NOC from the fire department. Besides this, it must follow all the norms as mentioned by the fire department like mandatory fire lifts, stairs, emergency exit, fire extinguisher to name a few.

So, it is always advisable not to invest in a home that by seeing it outer beauty rather, you must give priority to the security features too.

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