Vastu is a traditional method to set home filled with positive vibes. Thus, each object places inside the abode release some kind of energy. Hence, you must know about the vastu-based placements of mirrors and tortoise as these things stands high on the home décor list.

1. how to keep tortoise at home as per vastu

Also known as turtle it is famous for consistency and also has an idiom made on itself that says, slow and steady wins the race. The determination to reach the goal is one best thing people can learn from a tortoise and hence you must know the vastu-based position to keep the same at home.

Several kinds of turtles are available in the market and hence vastu-placement for each of them differs. Like the east direction is best for the placing of a tortoise idol at home. Similarly, the south-west direction is suitable for the placing of crystal or earthen tortoise at the abode.

The wooden turtle should be kept in the south-east direction of home and the metal-based turtles release positive vibes when placed in the north or north-west corner.

According to the Vastu Shastra, a living room is perfect to keep ornamental tortoise.

2. Where to place mirror as per vastu

The mirror is an essential part of a home and thus we all have this element but the accurate placing of the same is equally important. So, here are the vastu tips to consider for placing of mirrors.

Firstly, the placing of mirrors opposite to the wardrobe or locker reflects an increase in wealth.

Secondly, mirror placement in the north direction become highly profitable as this direction belongs to lord kuber.

Do not place mirrors in front of each other as it increases anxiety or restlessness.

Vastu Shastra also advice not to decorate home with broken mirror or glass as they reflect your distorts image and release negative vibes.